Within the one punch man universe, there are different heroes with unique and special powers and abilities which are categorized into different classes which are: A, B, C and S. Those heroes who are assigned to class S have supernatural abilities and an intelligence that surpasses that of any human.

According to the hero association, there is a total ranking of 17 S-class heroes who are in charge of fighting against the kaijin facing different levels of threat such as ogre, dragon and god. Below we will list all the S-class heroes that exist within one punch man from rank 1 to rank 17.

Table of Contents
  1. S class rank 1 – Blast
  2. S class rank 2 – Tatsumaki
  3. S class rank 3 – Silver Fang
  4. S class rank 4 – Atomic Samurai
  5. S class rank 5 – Kid Emperor
  6. S class rank 6 – Metal Knight
  7. S class rank 7 – King
  8. S class rank 8 – Zombieman
  9. S class rank 9 – Drive Knight
  10. S class rank 10 – Pig God
  11. S class rank 11 – Darkshine
  12. S class rank 12 – watchdog man
  13. S class rank 13 – Flashy Flash
  14. S class rank 14 – Genos
  15. S class rank 15 – Metal Bat
  16. S class rank 16 – Tanktop Master
  17. S class rank 17 – Puri-Puri Prisoner

S class rank 1 – Blast

Blast is considered the most powerful S-class hero of all, only appearing when the earth is truly in serious danger with a dragon or even god threat level.

Blast's abilities are: super speed, super strength, teleportation, the ability to create portals, and even being able to travel through black holes.

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S class rank 2 – Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki or also known as tornado of terror, is the only female member among all the S-class heroes and became a hero thanks to the explosion. Unlike any other hero, he always takes things very seriously.

Tatsumaki possesses powers such as telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to create powerful energy barriers. Its power is so much that it is even capable of completely squeezing hundreds of kilometers of terrain like a wet rag.

S class rank 3 – Silver Fang

Silver fang or also known as bang, is an S-class hero known for being a master martial artist who created the "Flowing Water Rock Crushing Fist" fighting style. This technique is quite effective for both attacking and defending.

Apart from this fighting style, silver fang also has other abilities such as: “tween fangs”, “camp of rushing water”, “instant effect and current whirling water flying fist that splits the sky”.

Apart from these incredible abilities, Bang has superhuman strength, super-developed senses, durability, and super speed.

S class rank 4 – Atomic Samurai

Atomic samurai is a swordsman who is a member of the swordsmen council considered the strongest of all. The only weapon he has is his katana named wakisashi, and he always carries a small straw in his mouth that also serves as a weapon.

Apart from the super speed and superhuman strength that he possesses, atomic samurai has 3 disciples who are in ranks 2, 3 and 4 of class A.

S class rank 5 – Kid Emperor

Kid emperor is a boy of only 10 years of age who is considered the youngest S-class hero of all. He was selected as an S-class due to his incredible ability to create quite effective battle strategies, plus he is a genius compared to any other S-class hero.

He led the S-class heroes in the mission to rescue the son of narinki who was kidnapped by the monster association. In this mission it could also be seen that he is a great scientist, since he had created super powerful weapons that served both to attack and defend.

S class rank 6 – Metal Knight

Metal Knight, also known as Doctor Bofoi, is a scientific genius just like Kid Emperor who can create highly developed robots and cyborgs loaded with weapons of mass destruction.

Doctor Bofoi was in charge of constructing the main headquarters of the Hero Association. This project was planned to be completed in around 15 years, but Metal Knight, with the help of all his robots was able to build it in just 7 days.

S class rank 7 – King

King, also known by the nickname "the strongest man in the world," is a false hero who unintentionally stole all of Saitama's feats by destroying all the kaijin. Whenever Saitama annihilated a monster, King happened to be in the same place. When the other heroes arrived at the scene, they always found King bloodied, which is why he was promoted to Class S without any examination.

The only abilities that King possesses are extreme luck and the ability to intimidate any monster with his so-called "King Engine," which is nothing but the beating of his heart at high speed due to the immense fear he feels when facing a kaijin.

S class rank 8 – Zombieman

Zombieman is literally a zombie who was created by Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution. This Class S hero is literally immortal and cannot die because he has a great capacity for regeneration.

In addition to possessing super speed and superhuman strength, Zombieman is an expert in using various firearms, as well as a katana.

S class rank 9 – Drive Knight

Drive Knight is a cyborg hero who has the ability to transform his body at will; he can add armor to his body for combat, can transform into a four-legged animal-like creature, and even has the ability to transform into a high-speed airplane.

S class rank 10 – Pig God

Pig God is a Class S hero who is very unique because he can devour anything in his path, such as energy, people, objects, and anything you can imagine. This hero is immune to any type of poison as he has total control of his stomach acids.

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S class rank 11 – Darkshine

Darkshine is a super muscular hero who possesses an impenetrable defense and armor, all due to years of training every inch of muscle in his body.

He has a very particular technique called "shimmer" with which he can bounce off any type of attack with just his muscles. Another great quality that this hero has is that he is able to analyze his opponents' fighting pattern with precision.

S class rank 12 – watchdog man

Watchdog man is literally a dog-man expert in martial arts with canine abilities. He has super strength, super speed, and a highly developed sense of smell.

S class rank 13 – Flashy Flash

Flashy flash is a very skilled class S hero who comes from the ninja village, the same place where Saitama's rival, Sonic, comes from. As a ninja, flashy flash is an expert in using swords and kunais, which combined with his super speed, makes him a very powerful opponent.

S class rank 14 – Genos

Genos, also known as the Demon Cyborg, is Saitama's disciple. His entire body is equipped with scientific modifications that give him super strength and speed.

Genos' specialty is launching high-powered incineration cannons to destroy his enemies, and he is also equipped with sensors throughout his body. He has the ability to modify all the parts of his body by replacing them with improved pieces.

S class rank 15 – Metal Bat

Metal Bat is a hero who uses a baseball bat as both an attacking and defending weapon. What stands out about this hero is his great fighting spirit, as he has the ability to become stronger as he faces a battle.

Another of the great qualities that this hero possesses is that he always does the impossible to fulfill his missions.

S class rank 16 – Tanktop Master

Tanktop Master is a muscular hero with great endurance and close-combat fighting skills. His unique ability, called "tanktop," allows him to heal his body to some extent using his life energy.

S class rank 17 – Puri-Puri Prisoner

Puri-puri prisoner is a hero who has almost the same abilities as Tanktop Master, with the only difference being that he possesses an angel-style ability, which allows him to double his strength and speed in combat.

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