One Punch Man is a very popular series that follows the adventures of Saitama, a hero with overwhelming strength who is capable of defeating any enemy with just one punch. Throughout the story, Saitama faces a variety of monsters, each with different levels of threat.

These levels of threat are a measure of the danger posed by kaijin, ranging from the "Wolf" level to the "God" level. In this article, we will explore all the danger levels in One Punch Man, their characteristics, and the challenges they pose to the heroes who fight against them.

Table of Contents
  1. Wolf Level Threat
  2. Tiger Level Threat
  3. Ogre Level Threat
  4. Dragon Level Threat
  5. Level Threat God

Wolf Level Threat

This level of threat is the lowest that exists and refers to enemies of little danger who do not pose a great threat to heroes such as thieves, robbers, and bandits. To counter this level of threat, Class C or B heroes are needed, and occasionally even an ordinary civilian can stop this threat.

Tiger Level Threat

This level of threat is a little more significant than the Wolf level of threat. These enemies can be dangerous in large groups and often have special abilities. Class B and A heroes are most suitable to confront kaijin of this level.

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Ogre Level Threat

This level of threat represents a great danger to humans and heroes. The kaijin of this level have special abilities and are capable of causing a great deal of damage, as they can even destroy an entire city. To stop this level of threat, Class A and S heroes are needed, as the monsters at this level are very dangerous. Examples of kaijin for this level of threat include:

  • Deep Sea King
  • Hundred-Eyes Octopus

Dragon Level Threat

The kaijin at this level of threat are considered extremely dangerous and can pose a threat to an entire country. They are incredibly powerful and often have supernatural abilities. Only Class S heroes are capable of facing enemies at this level. Examples of kaijin for this level of threat include:

  • Boros
  • Garou
  • Goketsu
  • The executives of the Hero Association
  • Orochi, among others.

Level Threat God

This threat level is the highest and poses a threat to the existence of humanity and the entire world. These kaijin are extremely powerful beings that are almost impossible to defeat. Although there are not many monsters of this level present in the series, only Class S heroes would be capable of facing them, and of course, the bald cape-wearing hero would be the only one capable of defeating them. The only kaijin considered to have this level of threat is "God."

In conclusion, Class C and B heroes generally deal with Lobo and Tigre level kaijin, Class A heroes deal with Demonio level kaijin, and only Class S heroes can face Dragon and God level monsters. However, there are exceptions, and some heroes are capable of facing enemies of a higher level than their own class, demonstrating their skill and power. This is the case with the bald cape-wearing hero.

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