Welcome! Enjoy chapter 2 of the Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga.

Synopsis Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, we plunge into a crossroads of battles. Kawaki, Mitsuki and Code crave Boruto's downfall, while Sarada, Sumire and Himawari strive to protect him. But Konoha faces an even greater danger: Code's invasion. Although it can be argued that this is a ruse to lure Boruto, the destruction of the village seems inevitable.

Shikamaru, foresighted as ever, takes steps to have the Konoha police deal with Code's henchmen. A mystery surrounds Code's left eye, whose origin is unknown. Meanwhile, Sumire is cautious, immune to Eida's charms, an advantage that could prove crucial to Shikamaru's plans. In the next chapter, eliminating Code's followers becomes the top priority, even for Mitsuki and Kawaki, although the expected battle between Kawaki and Boruto might be delayed longer than we imagined.

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