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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 10

Goku stands before Frost, who has already reached his final transformation. Goku mentions that the real battle is finally beginning, and Frost smiles. Cabba wonders if this is Frost's true form. The rest of the spectators look on in awe as Frost starts to raise his ki, causing havoc on the ring's floor around him.

Frost launches the first attack towards Goku, who blocks it, and Frost reacts by jumping and releasing a ki wave, which Frost manages to deflect. After another ki wave, the result remains the same. Frost becomes desperate and starts rapidly launching multiple waves, getting closer to Goku in the process. Goku takes the opportunity to grab Frost's hands and kick him far away.

Frost becomes angrier and continues his attacks, but the results repeat themselves. Champa watches angrily as his fighter is losing. Goku even comes close to knocking Frost out of the ring. Although Frost is surprised by Goku's power, he refuses to give up and keeps attacking, but still fails to achieve any results. Goku seizes the opportunity to weaken Frost with a precise strike to the neck.

Goku says that he is already done and doesn't want to hurt Frost. He suggests that Frost should continue training to become stronger so they can fight again in the future. Frost then smiles maliciously and attacks Goku once more, but this time, Goku weakens instead of reacting in the same way. Frost kicks him, causing Goku to lose his Super Saiyan form and fall out of the ring.

All the spectators look on in great astonishment at what just happened. Since Goku fell out of the ring, the referee declares Goku defeated, and Frost is declared the winner. Chi-Chi panics and rushes to help her husband, who quickly wakes up confused, asking what happened and if he lost.

Goku congratulates Frost on his victory, and Frost thanks him. Beerus mentions that the guy who just defeated Goku will be a big problem. Piccolo arrives and asks Goku about what happened, as he doesn't understand how Goku lost when he seemed to have everything under control.

Goku replies that somehow he felt incredibly weak when Frost struck him. Vegeta says that happened because Goku was playing around with his opponent and probably took a blow to the head, which could have caused brain damage.

From the stands, Goten tells Trunks that their dad was really beaten, but Trunks says there's nothing to worry about because their dad is still participating in the tournament. Meanwhile, the Galactic King excitedly exclaims that he can't believe what he's seeing, but Jaco appears suspicious, as if he suspects something strange happened.

The referee announces that the next battle will be between Frost and Piccolo. Piccolo asks Goku about his chances of winning, and Goku says he believes they're zero, which annoys the Namekian, who says Goku didn't have to be that honest. Goku comforts him, saying that he'll surely manage to tire Frost out, which will help Vegeta. Piccolo laments that he has been reduced to that.

Piccolo tells Goku that he shouldn't fight in his normal form and should feel free to hold back a bit. However, Frost says he just wants to finish the upcoming battles as quickly as possible. The fight begins, and Frost starts attacking Piccolo swiftly, but Piccolo manages to dodge his ki blasts.

Champa assumes that Piccolo is a Namekian, and Vados says that something worries her because he seems different. Piccolo rises and exclaims that they are mistaken because he is not a Namekian but the reincarnation of the Great Demon King Piccolo. He addresses Frost and says that perhaps he can't defeat him, but he has a trick up his sleeve that will make it not easy for Frost to win. He attacks by stretching his arms.

After multiple exchanges, both fighters appear exhausted. Frost declares that their encounter ends here and moves to attack Piccolo, who manages to block the attack just like Goku did. The same thing happens again, and Piccolo is sent flying until he falls out of the ring. Frost is once again announced as the winner.

Vegeta doesn't understand how the same thing could happen to Piccolo as it did to Goku. Goku warns him that Frost is probably stronger than they think, and Vegeta responds that he already knows that but the real issue is Frost's mysterious attack. Before the referee announces the next fight, Jaco stands up and objects, claiming that Frost is using a weapon.

Cabba says he's a sore loser for making false statements, and Champa adds that Frost is too proud of his abilities. Jaco insists on the inspection, so the referee checks Frost, finds a button on his wrists, presses it, and a stinger shoots out, rendering Frost unconscious. Champa can't believe it. Frost says it's not a weapon but a part of him, but the referee states there are signs of it being an implant, thus disqualifying him. Piccolo is declared the winner, and Frost laments being discovered but expresses gratitude for not being killed.

The Universe 7 spectators cheer for Jaco. Champa reprimands Frost for deceiving him, but Frost dismisses it since there is no money involved and he just wanted to finish the matches quickly. However, before he can leave, Vegeta appears and asks him to stop, stating that there's no need for disqualification as he will personally deal with him.

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