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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 11

Although Piccolo won the last match due to Frost's disqualification, Vegeta is now in the ring, ready to fight. The referee is afraid to oppose him, even though he's aware that according to the rules, Piccolo should continue fighting. Vegeta says that Piccolo isn't protesting, and Piccolo nods in agreement.

Champa says to let Vegeta go next, and the referee accepts. The next battle is announced. From the stands, Trunks is thrilled because his father is a "bad boy." Beerus gets angry and reprimands the referee, saying that Goku was also a victim of Frost's tricks, so he demands that the referee allow Goku to fight again.

However, Vegeta doesn't allow Goku to fight before him, so they agree that Goku will fight again afterward. Beerus insists that Monaka remains the last to fight. Goku is curious about Beerus' insistence on having Monaka fight last, even though he doesn't understand the reason.

Vegeta fights Frost in the ring. The Saiyan prince shows no mercy from the very beginning, transforming into Super Saiyan and fiercely attacking his opponent. He defeats Frost in a short time, hurling him out of the ring and leaving him severely injured but alive. The fighters from Universe 6 are astonished to see how Frost was defeated.

Whis tells Beerus that they have one less thing to worry about, and Beerus agrees, seemingly relieved. Meanwhile, Goku complains that someone who seemed so nice (referring to Frost) ended up being so evil. Piccolo adds that after what happened, Frost will probably start resembling Frieza more.

The next battle is announced between Auta Magetta and Vegeta. The Elder Kaioshin wonders if Auta Magetta is a robot, and the Kaioshin of Universe 6 tells him that he is a metalman from galaxy 66950, adding that they probably exist in Universe 7 as well.

The fight begins with a swift attack from Vegeta. Far from causing any harm to Auta Magetta, the Saiyan hurts himself due to the hardness of the metal that his rival is made of. Magetta takes advantage of Vegeta's injury to attack him from above, causing him to fall to the ground.

After receiving the first blow, Vegeta manages to jump and take flight to avoid the second attack. He uses his new position to unleash a powerful ki wave that covers the entire arena in smoke. Vegeta is astonished to see that his attack didn't do any damage to Magetta.

Piccolo wonders if Magetta is invulnerable. Goku yells at Vegeta to find a way to knock him out of the ring. Vegeta tries to follow Goku's advice, but even when transforming into Super Saiyan, he is unable to do it. Beerus scolds Goku and tells him to stop giving advice to Vegeta since metalmen weigh over a hundred tons.

Goku says to Beerus that he couldn't have known, and Piccolo mentions that it will be impossible to defeat him using the same method they used to defeat Botamo. Meanwhile, Vegeta blames himself for listening to Goku's advice, considering him less intelligent than some monkeys.

Vegeta decides that he'll have to come up with a new plan since he can't harm Magetta. He then launches multiple ki waves to destroy the arena, leaving Magetta with no place to stand. At first, Magetta starts running, and it seems like the plan will work, but then he begins using his lava spit power to destroy Vegeta's ki waves before they reach the arena.

Vegeta becomes enraged because Magetta dared to attack him with his bodily fluids, so he insults him and then attacks with an especially fast ki wave, successfully knocking Magetta out of the ring. Therefore, Vegeta wins the match in a surprising manner, even to himself.

Goku wonders what happened, and Whis explains that metalmen are emotionally fragile, so Vegeta's insult caused Magetta to lose his fighting spirit and fall into a state where he is unable to fight.

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