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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 12

The clash between Vegeta and Cabba begins with the latter launching a series of lightning-fast attacks that catch the Saiyan prince off guard. Vegeta is knocked down to the ground after receiving an aerial kick. Amused, Vegeta tells Cabba that he seems quite accustomed to combat and that he brings pride to the Saiyan race. However, he states that if Cabba were to face him as a Super Saiyan, he wouldn't stand a chance, so he asks Cabba to transform.

Cabba admits that he doesn't know how to transform and that he had never witnessed that transformation until Vegeta did it. This infuriates Vegeta, who decides to transform into a Super Saiyan and launches a powerful assault on Cabba, severely injuring him and leaving him lying on the ground.

Vegeta, filled with anger, mocks Cabba, expressing surprise that such limited power allowed him to survive for so long. He even steps on Cabba's head, shocking Bulma with his cruelty. Vegeta berates Cabba, questioning if he had never imagined that there could be someone as strong as Vegeta outside of their universe.

Cabba attempts to surrender, further enraging Vegeta, who lifts him up from the ground and hurls insults at him. Vegeta's hurtful words continue until he declares that after dealing with Cabba, he will go to Planet Sadala to exterminate all the other Saiyans in Cabba's universe. In a fit of rage, Vegeta unleashes a powerful ki blast to kill Cabba, but this infuriates Cabba to the point where he finally transforms into a Super Saiyan and deflects the attack.

Now in his transformed state, Cabba launches a fierce counterattack against Vegeta, who smiles upon seeing the turn of events. Vegeta tells Cabba that the first step to becoming a Super Saiyan is embracing true fury and advises him to never forget that feeling. Cabba relaxes and loses his transformation, realizing that Vegeta went through all of this for his benefit.

Vegeta asks Cabba to transform once again, and Cabba complies. Vegeta praises Cabba, acknowledging his potential. He then proceeds to transform into Super Saiyan Blue and tells Cabba that if he trains relentlessly, someday he will be able to reach that level of power. The battle concludes with Vegeta delivering a powerful elbow strike that knocks Cabba unconscious.

Piccolo remarks that Vegeta truly took on the role of training Cabba. Goku states that Vegeta isn't a bad guy but wonders why he did what he did. Piccolo suggests that seeing another Saiyan may have triggered memories of Vegeta's past as a prince. It is announced that Vegeta is the winner, and Cabba thanks Vegeta for his assistance.

The referee announces that the next fighter to face Vegeta will be Hit, the final combatant from Universe 6. Vados informs Champa that they had to offer Hit the cube that allows space travel to persuade him to participate—a device enabling travel through different universes. Champa is displeased with this arrangement but remains silent, feeling nervous as Hit approaches.

Vegeta, eager to make no time waste, immediately transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and attacks Hit as soon as the fight begins. To the audience's surprise, Hit maintains his stoic expression and shows no intention of moving to dodge Vegeta's attack. It turns out that Hit manages to strike Vegeta just before being hit by him.

Vegeta tries to attack again, but the same outcome repeats itself. Hit's speed is so tremendous that no spectator can see what's happening. Goku becomes concerned and approaches Jaco to see if he can perceive anything, but even Jaco fails to do so. Hit inquires with the referee if killing is against the rules, and the referee confirms it. With Vegeta severely injured and unable to continue, Hit is declared the victor.

At that moment, the Galactic King wonders if Hit possesses the ability to jump through time. He explains to Jaco and Goku that some individuals in the universe can manipulate time for a brief 0.1-second duration. Jaco simplifies the explanation by stating that those with this ability can momentarily halt time for everyone except themselves.

The Galactic King adds that manipulating time goes against galactic laws, so Goku asks Jaco if he will arrest Hit, but Jaco assures him that he won't because he prefers to stay alive. The Galactic King agrees and pretends not to have seen anything.

Goku enters the ring prepared for his next battle. Beerus becomes worried upon realizing that Hit can manipulate time. He asks Whis, who also possesses that ability, for some advice for Goku, but Whis mockingly states that Goku shouldn't worry because he still has Monaka, the strongest fighter in the universe.

Beerus asks Whis not to be so inconsiderate, as he now knows the truth about Monaka. Whis reveals that Monaka is actually weak and that he was only brought along to maintain high expectations for Goku and Vegeta. Piccolo overhears this and becomes greatly concerned, realizing that this means the final battle will be against Hit, and the fate of Universe 7 rests in Goku's hands.

Hit asks Goku to transform during their fight, but Goku refuses, explaining that it consumes too much energy and he wants to save it for later since he still needs to come up with a way to defeat Hit. Hit remarks that Goku must be young to reveal his plans so openly.

Goku claims he's old despite his appearance. Hit states that Goku is over a thousand years old, surprising Goku, who decides to bow in respect. The Kaio-Shin of Universe 6 are amazed that Goku managed to get Hit to talk so much since he is usually very quiet. The Elder Kaio-Shin explains that it's one of Goku's mysterious abilities.

Goku launches his first attack but receives a powerful blow to the face without even seeing Hit's movements. Hit suggests that Goku surrender, but the Saiyan says that giving up isn't his style and that he has noticed a clue that could serve as the key to victory.

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