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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 13

Hit tells Goku not to try to lie to him by saying that he has been able to see through his technique. As a result, Goku decides to attack him but fails. He tries again, and although he doesn't manage to actually injure Hit, he does manage to graze him. However, Hit claims that it was just luck.

Goku says he will have to do it again, so he attempts to attack once more. To everyone's surprise, this time he manages to hit Hit. Hit asks Goku how he was able to hurt him, and Goku responds that all he had to do was predict where Hit would be after freezing time for 0.1 seconds.

Hit asks Goku why he reveals his secret since now he can move in a more unpredictable manner. Goku confesses that it's all because of Hit's hands. He discovered that Hit hides them in his pockets to cover his legs with his cloak, making it difficult for his enemies to see his movements.

Goku adds that he deduced that Hit can't help but move his hands before jumping in time. Piccolo remarks that it's as if Goku is incapable of keeping his plans secret. The Saiyan finally decides to transform into Super Saiyan. Hit asks if Goku considers it wise not to transform into his blue form, but Goku says he will do it later. Hit says that underestimating him will be Goku's downfall.

The fight resumes, but this time it becomes more intense as Hit decides to take his hands out of his pockets. The Universe 7 audience is unable to keep up with the pace of the battle due to its frantic speed. Champa worries, and Vados tells him not to worry because Goku has to expend a lot of energy to move at high speed, while Hit barely needs to spend energy to jump in time, eventually allowing him to secure victory.

Hit mentions that he has noticed how Goku is starting to run out of energy. With no other options, Goku decides to transform into Super Saiyan God, but not the blue-haired version, rather the red-haired form. An angry Vegeta comments that even in such a complicated situation, Goku chooses to save the Super Saiyan Blue.

The battle resumes once again, and this time Goku is able to hit Hit again. Hit doesn't understand what's happening and begins to worry. Beerus asks Whis to explain what's going on, and Whis mentions that Goku has managed to close the power gap between them with this form, as he has maximized the efficiency of his abilities. He adds that Vegeta wasn't able to do the same with the blue form because he wasted his energy by transforming twice.

Feeling cornered, Hit starts increasing his power to the maximum. He says it's been a long time since he last used his full power, so his body can only handle it for a minute. He also mentions that now he will be able to jump in time completely at his will for 0.1 seconds, but that's all he needs to defeat Goku.

He hides his hands so Goku is unable to predict his movements. Goku mentions that now it's his turn to reveal his plans. Goku attacks Hit, and Hit manages to stop time, but to his surprise, Goku has transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. Goku claims that he has defeated Hit's time skip and manages to hit him. He finishes the attack with a powerful Kamehameha that destroys the dome Vados constructed.

However, Hit manages to dodge the Kamehameha. The large hole in the dome causes the entire audience to be pulled out into space until Vados repairs it. Hit mentions that he is grateful to have Goku as an opponent. Goku asks if he is the best assassin since Goku deduces that due to the rules, Hit is unable to use his full power. He then proposes to Hit that they fight again, but at another time and place. Finally, Goku jumps out of the ring and is disqualified.

This leaves everyone stunned. Beerus is very upset and insults Goku for what he just did. Goku explains that he did it because it would be unfair for him to win the match without giving Monaka a chance to fight. Hit says he will remember what Goku told him.

The final battle between Hit and Monaka begins. A nervous Monaka manages to hit Hit in the leg, and Hit is sent flying and falls out of the ring. Everyone watches in surprise at what just happened, unaware that Hit let himself be defeated on purpose. The referee announces that Universe 7 is the winner.

Goku says that Monaka is amazing, while Vegeta and Piccolo can't believe what they just witnessed. Beerus is thrilled, and Champa laments. Champa scolds Hit because he knows he lost on purpose. Hit says he's no longer interested in Champa's cube, so he asks the God of Destruction to hurry up and take him back home.

Beerus draws Champa's attention to the fact that the King of All Cosmos has arrived without them noticing. He mentions that the event has been so wonderful that it needs to be repeated, but this time involving all twelve universes.

Goku surprises everyone by joining the conversation and enthusiastically saying he's in. Beerus scolds Goku, saying that a pawn like him can't speak to the King of All Cosmos that way. Goku ignores him and extends his hand to the king, who shakes it and tells him it's a promise to hold the tournament.

Beerus scolds Goku once again and tells him that the King of All Cosmos is so powerful that he could erase any universe just by wishing it. Later, Champa hands the Super Dragon Balls to Beerus, and they discover that the Nameless Planet happened to be the last ball, allowing the God of Destruction to make his wish.

Bulma asks Beerus what he wished for, but he says it's a secret. However, Vados tells Champa that the humans from Universe 6's Earth have been resurrected and are preparing delicious food, leading Champa to conclude that was Beerus' wish.

As the people from Universe 7 are on their way home, Goku is very excited about the Tournament of Power involving all twelve universes but asks Beerus to let him fight Monaka first. However, Beerus refuses and claims that Monaka is his most prized warrior.

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