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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 14

Future Trunks finds himself fleeing through the ruins of West City in his timeline. As he stops for a moment, he notices a pamphlet indicating that a year has passed since the death of Androids 17 and 18. Suddenly, a powerful ki explosion causes him to fall into a building, which then becomes the epicenter of more ki explosions. Eventually, a massive blast surpassing the previous ones leaves behind a giant crater.

Though injured, Trunks survives and laments the destruction of yet another city. He realizes he has no choice but to go even further. Later, he reaches a basement where Mai welcomes him. She asks him what happened, and Trunks sadly informs her that he found her dead when he went to clean the dust off the solar panels.

Mai embraces him to console him. Then, in an attempt to lift his spirits, she enthusiastically offers him canned meat. Trunks starts eating and mentions that thanks to Bulma, they now have enough energy to use the time machine. However, he notes that the energy it contains will only allow for a one-way trip.

He gives the remaining food to Mai and asks her to eat so they can give it their all, as they promised Bulma they would. He mentions that they will travel 17 years into the past at dusk, to a parallel time when Vegeta and the rest of the Z Warriors are still alive.

In the present, Jaco tells Bulma about the parallel worlds created when time is altered through time travel. Vegeta trains alongside Goku; Beerus and Whis try meat buns for the first time, and Trunks asks his teacher to hurry with the lesson so he can go play.

Jaco continues his explanation, mentioning that Tights told him Bulma might be conducting experiments related to time travel, which is a serious crime. Bulma denies any involvement in time manipulation, stating that she doesn't need to do such things because the Earth is at peace, and she's fully dedicated to beauty.

However, she also mentions that "not all things will unfold, except in a very distant future," catching Jaco's attention, who wonders how Bulma can know what will happen in the future. Bulma attributes it to female intuition, but Jaco suspects she's hiding something.

In Trunks' class, the teacher explains how time travel has the ability to create two alternate worlds. However, the lesson doesn't last long as the teacher realizes she was accidentally giving a university lecture instead of an arithmetic class.

Bulma asks Whis if the world where Earth was destroyed by Golden Frieza still exists, as he used his time-reversal ability during that battle. Whis explains that he doesn't consider it time travel since it's limited to three minutes. Beerus asks Bulma why she's so interested in the topic when humans don't have the ability to time travel.

In the future, Trunks explains to Mai that "he" hadn't been able to locate him until recently, but eventually did because he must have discovered how to sense people's ki. He mentions that only Earth's warriors possess that ability, so he must be one of them. Both of them prepare to leave.

In the present, Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Whis prepare to eat. Whis praises Goku for his ki control during the tournament. Due to this, Goku wonders why he couldn't sense an especially powerful ki from the King of All Cosmos and asks Beerus why he's so afraid of him. Beerus insults Goku for asking such a question, and Whis mentions that the King of All Cosmos is an extremely powerful authority who doesn't owe anyone an explanation.

Goku says the King of All Cosmos didn't seem very strong, and Beerus mentions that he doesn't fight. Whis adds that he has enough power to make anything disappear just by wishing it. This surprises Vegeta and Goku. Whis mentions that there used to be 18 universes, but six of them disappeared because the King of All Cosmos got a little upset.

Vegeta realizes that Goku's behavior was very indiscreet when he met the King of All Cosmos, and Beerus mentions that now he finally understands why everyone was so nervous when Goku shook his hand.

In the future, Trunks and Mai navigate the sewers to get closer to the location of the time machine. They arrive at Capsule Corporation, but the door is locked, so Trunks is forced to break the lock. As they do, they hear laughter, and a figure from afar tells Trunks that they thought he would return.

Both of them start running. Trunks asks Mai to use the time machine while he tries to hold off their pursuer. Trunks attempts to stop his enemy but fails. Mai stands in the way with her weapon and tells Trunks to use the machine. However, a ki blast knocks her down, and she falls from a balcony. Trunks rushes to rescue her, but she is unconscious. At that moment, it is revealed that the one pursuing Trunks is Goku Black, who tells Trunks to enjoy his last moments of life.

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