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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 16

This chapter begins with a flashback of Trunks' alternate future history, showing how he faced Dabura with the support of Shin and Kibito. Trunks fights Dabura using the Zeta Sword, but at one point, he loses it during the battle as Dabura spits on it, turning it into stone, causing it to fall and break.

The situation is very tense, so Shin becomes furious and rushes to attack Dabura without a second thought. Dabura easily knocks him down. Kibito panics upon seeing Shin lying on the ground and exclaims that he is the only person who must not die among them all. Dabura appears in front of Kibito and makes him disappear with a powerful ki blast. Afterward, Babidi starts choking Shin using his telekinetic powers.

The situation enrages Trunks greatly, allowing him to transform into Super Saiyan 2. His power increases, and he attacks Dabura with great speed. However, Dabura remains confident and says that even with his increased power, Trunks is no match for him. After knocking him down, Shin takes the opportunity to use his telekinesis to immobilize Dabura, allowing Trunks to make him vanish with a powerful attack. Shin is glad about what happened, but shortly after, he dies.

From a distance, from a cliff, Goku Black is watching what's happening while laughing and exclaiming that it's wonderful that he has finally found a timeline where the meddlesome God of Destruction of Universe 7 doesn't exist.

In the present, Trunks finishes telling Goku, Whis, and Beerus the story of how the Kais died in the battle against Dabura. Beerus mentions that Goku Black took advantage of their deaths to invade that timeline. While Beerus speculates if Goku Black is on the level of a god, Whis deduces that he probably has the ability to travel between parallel worlds.

Beerus asks Trunks if he is completely sure that in his timeline there is no God of Destruction, and Trunks assures him that there isn't, as he has never heard of them before. Afterwards, Goku formally introduces Trunks to Whis and Beerus.

Bulma tells Trunks to go change his clothes since they need to wait for the time machine to finish recharging. On his way to change, he encounters his present self and congratulates him because he can now transform into Super Saiyan. He also mentions that it's important for him to be strong to protect his friends.

Present Mai notices him and blushes when Future Trunks takes her hands and tells her that she is also in his future. When Trunks leaves, Present Trunks says that Mai doesn't look good blushing like that, and Bulma criticizes that a girl her age is making such expressions.

In the future, Black is aware that Trunks has completely disappeared from his timeline. He mentions that since there are no other Gods of Destruction left either, no one can oppose him, which could be boring. However, after reflecting, he says that he can't underestimate the tenacity of a Saiyan, so he retreats, saying it's time for a check-up. It is also shown that he has found Mai, who is still alive but unconscious.

In the present, Goku is having lunch with Trunks, Beerus, and Whis. They deduce that all the Kais in Trunks' future timeline have been killed, so Goku Black is free to do as he pleases if there are no more Gods of Destruction. Furthermore, Beerus adds that nothing is stopping him from appearing in the present and also eliminating all the Kais.

In Universe 10, Kibito is fighting against Zamasu. Kibito is defeated, and Gowasu mentions that Zamasu is following in his footsteps to become the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. Shin adds that even if all the Kais were to join forces, they wouldn't be able to defeat him. Gowasu adds that there is something bothering him about Zamasu, but he doesn't mention what it is.

Zamasu says that he greatly admires the Kais of Universe 7 since he heard they were able to defeat Majin Buu. Shin explains that they couldn't have done it without the support of Son Goku and his friends. Zamasu asks who Goku is, and Shin explains that he is a Saiyan who has surpassed the powers of the gods, which greatly surprises Zamasu.

Shin and Kibito leave. Gowasu says they must focus on working on Zamasu's lower self. Some time later, Gowasu shows Zamasu the Babari planet, where its inhabitants have become very violent with each other after developing. He asks Zamasu what he suggests they do with them, and Zamasu suggests exterminating them. This angers Gowasu, who mentions that such tasks are the responsibility of the God of Destruction.

Zamasu argues that there is no merit or value in those wild creatures and there never will be, so exterminating them remains the best option. In response, Gowasu shows Zamasu the Time Rings, which will allow them to freely travel through the flow of time so they can see with their own eyes if there is no virtue among the Babari inhabitants in a thousand years.

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