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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 17

The two Supreme Kais of Universe 10 find themselves on Babari, observing how its inhabitants are uncivilized and barbaric beings. Gowasu acknowledges that they are currently like that, but they cannot be certain that it will continue to be so in a thousand years. He mentions that this is where the time rings come into play. Gowasu explains to his disciple that the rings can only be used to travel to the future and return to the original time.

He adds that traveling to the past is forbidden because altering time can have serious consequences. He also mentions that when history is changed, a parallel world is created, giving rise to a new ring. Therefore, the rings also allow travel to parallel timelines. He further explains that one of the rings was created after a human from Universe 12 was able to create technology for time travel.

Gowasu examines the box and discovers that there is one more ring compared to the last time he checked. Someone must have traveled in time, creating a new timeline and a new ring. Zamasu explains that he now has a better understanding of the rings, so they should travel to Babari planet one thousand years into the future.

Gowasu removes one of his earrings and gives it to Zamasu, stating that originally, only Supreme Kais are allowed to travel to the future. Therefore, he will make an exception and temporarily elevate Zamasu's position to that of a Supreme Kai. He asks Zamasu to wear the earring on the same ear as him because if they wear them on different ears, they could fuse together forever.

When they arrive in the future, there are some primitive shelters, musical instruments, and a writing system. Gowasu gets excited and mentions that they are witnessing the first traces of civilization. However, Zamasu looks beyond and discovers that the planet's inhabitants are still at war, and the new war is even worse than the previous one. He asserts that he was right and that the universe would be a better place without the existence of these beings.

Surprisingly, an enraged Babarian tries to attack them, but Zamasu swiftly knocks him away. Gowasu tells Zamasu that it's enough and they should leave, but Zamasu ignores him and creates a ki blade to strike the Babarian in two. This enrages Gowasu, who demands that they return to the past immediately.

When they return, the Supreme Kai demands that Zamasu return the earring and explain why he killed the Babarian. Zamasu states that those worthless creatures don't deserve to live. Gowasu explains that all creatures are important to the universe, and their job is only to ensure that nothing disturbs the peace of the universe. However, they cannot intervene against evil, as that is the job of the Gods of Destruction.

Later, Zamasu apologizes, and Gowasu asks him to prepare more tea. Meanwhile, at Capsule Corporation, Goku and his friends are playing a go-kart racing video game. In the end, Future Trunks wins the race after Present Trunks sabotages Bills with a turtle shell before he reaches the finish line.

Bills and Whis take their leave. Goku tells Future Trunks that he should also get some rest as they will soon have to face Goku Black. Since Future Trunks also desires to fight Black, Vegeta invites him to come early in the morning to train in the Gravity Chamber.

On the Sacred Planet of Universe 10, Zamasu is watching the battle between Hit and Goku through GodTube. Gowasu visits him and watches the video as well, amazed by Goku's power. Zamasu remarks how even the King of All has been impressed by Goku. Then, Zamasu asks Gowasu about the giant spheres floating above the tournament stage. Gowasu explains that they are the Super Dragon Balls and they can grant any wish.

Future Trunks and Vegeta train in the Gravity Chamber. Goku meditates by a lake at Capsule Corporation. Shin appears, and Bills asks him if he knows any Supreme Kai who follows an extreme ideology, someone who might be interested in eliminating all humans. Shin ponders and mentions that his assistant, Kibito, could be that kind of person as he has made discriminatory remarks about humans who have visited the God's planet.

Bills wonders if he is Goku Black then. At that moment, Whis receives a transmission from the Grand Priest, who requests Goku to visit the King of All. Goku doesn't want to go because Whis says it will take two days to reach there, but Bills insists that he must go immediately, and Shin suggests that he can teleport Goku to arrive instantly.

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