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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 18

Shin asks Goku to address the Grand Priest formally, so Goku says it's a pleasure to meet him. Whis apologizes for Goku's lack of formal attire, citing a lack of time. The Grand Priest reassures them that they needn't worry about that. He adds that Goku's clothing is like his uniform, so it's understandable, and Goku agrees.

The Grand Priest leads them to where the King of All is located. On the way, Whis explains to Goku that the Grand Priest is the strongest being in all the universes, as far as he knows, and asks Goku not to do something rude like challenging him to a fight. Goku asks if they can ask for his help in defeating Black, but Whis explains that angels have the duty to remain neutral at all times, so it won't be possible.

Upon seeing them, the King of All receives them ecstatically and tells Goku that he has always wanted to have a friend. He asks Goku to be his friend as he genuinely likes him. Goku wonders what comes next now that they're friends, and the King of All asks them to play. However, he mentions that he can't do it at the moment because he's busy, but promises to play with Goku and bring more friends when he's free. He also asks Goku to call him Goku instead of Son Goku. The King of All asks Goku to give him a nickname, and Goku decides to call him Zen-chan.

Before leaving, Zen-chan gives Goku a button that allows the King of All to teleport to his side when he presses it. Goku thanks him and departs.

On the Sacred Planet of the Kais, Gowasu is writing but decides it's time for a break. He wonders where Zamasu is. It is shown that Zamasu is on Zuno's home planet, asking Zuno questions about the Super Dragon Balls.

Bills is floating in space, awaiting the return of Whis, Shin, and Goku. When they finally appear, Goku says that Zen-chan is a great kid, and Bills becomes exasperated upon hearing that nickname. Some time later, they all arrive at Capsule Corporation, and Whis asks Goku to continue investigating who Goku Black might be.

Bills suspects Kibito and suggests that they should interrogate him. Goku explains everything that's been happening to Shin, who says he doesn't believe Kibito is the true identity of Goku Black. Bulma says they have guests, and Kibito appears, saying he has big news.

This infuriates Bills, who reprimands Kibito for appearing whenever he pleases and threatens him. Shin intervenes and says it's a misunderstanding. Shin asks Kibito to deliver the news, and he explains that Zuno provided information from Zamasu about the Super Dragon Balls.

Furthermore, he adds that Zamasu also asked about Goku. Shin explains to Bills that Zamasu is a Kai from Universe 10. When Kibito explains that Zamasu asked if it would be possible for a Kai to switch bodies with a mortal through a wish from the Super Dragon Balls, they conclude that Zamasu is the true identity of Goku Black.

Bulma says that this should only affect their timeline, and Future Trunks adds that the Goku in their timeline is already dead. Bills explains that it's irrelevant since a Kai can travel between different timelines if they have the Time Rings. Shin adds that Zamasu shouldn't be able to use the rings since he's not a Supreme Kai yet.

Whis asks Future Trunks if Goku Black has Potara earrings like Shin's, and Trunks says yes, but only on one ear. Then, Whis shows him one and asks about the color, mentioning that only Supreme Kais can wear Potara earrings of that color, and Trunks confirms it.

Faced with this situation, Whis explains that the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 is in danger. Goku doesn't understand what's going on, but Bulma explains it to him. Bills says it's necessary to kill Zamasu while they have the chance, so they head to Universe 10.

Meanwhile, Vegeta expresses anger because Zamasu chose Goku's body instead of his own. Pilaf arrives and tells Bulma that he has finished refueling the time machine. Goku suggests they leave immediately, and both Vegeta and Trunks agree, so they prepare to go to the future.

Bills and Whis arrive at the Sacred Planet of the Kais in Universe 10, where they are greeted by Gowasu. Whis explains that they have come to meet his disciple, but Gowasu explains that he's not present and that it's actually the first time he's left without permission. In light of this, Bills says they will wait until he returns.

Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks board the time machine and travel to the future. When they arrive, they notice that the world is in ruins. Goku Black senses their ki and is impressed. A cat catches Trunks' attention when he tries to hide the time machine so Black doesn't find it. The cat leads Trunks to find Mai and realize that she's still alive. As a result, Trunks chews a Senzu Bean and gives it to her through a kiss.

This leaves Goku astonished, who says he can't believe Trunks is putting his mouth on hers. Vegeta asks if he has never kissed anyone, and Goku says no. Then Vegeta asks if he's married, and Goku wonders what that has to do with anything, but Vegeta decides not to pursue the topic further.

Mai regains consciousness and meets Vegeta and the real Goku. Vegeta realizes that Mai is the same girl who lives with Bulma. Vegeta orders Trunks to stay and guard the time machine and Mai but adds that if things go wrong, the two of them will have to travel to the present. Afterwards, Vegeta and Goku head toward where Black is.

When they arrive, Goku Black is surprised to see them. Vegeta gets excited and asks to be the first to fight, saying that he can finally defeat someone who looks like him.

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