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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 19

Goku and Vegeta stand face to face with Goku Black at last. They let him know that they're aware he is Zamasu. Goku asks what happened to their version in this timeline, and Black explains that he killed him. Then, he asks how they arrived in this timeline, but Vegeta says there's no reason to tell him. He doesn't wait long before flying and swiftly attacking Black.

Goku Black defends himself from Vegeta's attacks. He decides to transform into Super Saiyan and cheerfully comments that he was getting bored of fighting against Trunks. The battle intensifies. In the distance, Mai and Trunks observe the fight using binoculars. Mai says that the fight must be strong if Black had to become a Super Saiyan. However, she adds that when she fought him, he was much stronger.

Vegeta continues to fight and has the upper hand. He strikes Black, making him fall to the ground, and then bombards him with multiple waves of ki. Goku Black manages to survive by creating an energy shield. He asks them again where they come from, but Vegeta continues to refuse to answer. Vegeta asks Black to transform into Super Saiyan God. Subsequently, Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan Blue.

Black says that he still can't transform into Super Saiyan God. Vegeta laughs and attacks him fiercely. As he mercilessly beats Black, Vegeta mentions that his body has been forged through a long battle, so to him, it's just an empty vessel, and his Saiyan cells can only be used by an "idiot" like Goku.

In the present, it is shown that Zamasu has finally arrived at the sacred planet of the Kais and apologizes to Gowasu for his absence. Zamasu becomes slightly uncomfortable upon seeing that Bills and Whis have visited Gowasu. Bills asks Zamasu if he has been visiting Zuno, the sage of Universe 7.

Zamasu confirms it and acknowledges that he wouldn't expect a God of Destruction to know everything. Bills continues his interrogation and asks why Zamasu has been inquiring about Son Goku and the Super Dragon Balls. He asks what he has been planning, but Zamasu excuses himself, saying that he was just interested in knowing.

Upon discovering everything, Gowasu is visibly upset with Zamasu and demands an explanation from him, but they are interrupted by Shin, who has just arrived with the Time Ring from the future. When he arrives, he mentions that he went to see Zamasu's future and discovered all the sinister actions he is about to commit. Furthermore, he confirms that everything is just as Bills suspected.

Gowasu once again demands explanations from Zamasu about the evil actions he is about to commit. Zamasu sinisterly smiles and says that they are not evil actions, but rather just and moral acts.

The battle between Vegeta and Goku Black in the future continues, while the latter rambles on about how humans are parasites and don't deserve to exist. Vegeta calls him a comedian for his comments and attacks him with even more fervor. Black says that in the timeline they are in, there are no gods, so he is the only god. Vegeta states that gods with such twisted justice as him are not needed in the world. This angers Black even more, and he starts to raise his ki.

Back in the present, Zamasu says that he will have to set his plan in motion. He tries to perform an Aura Strike, but Bills quickly stops him. Upon seeing that he has finally revealed his true intentions, Bills destroys him with a single attack.

Bills threatens Gowasu and tells him that if he ever chooses a lunatic like Zamasu as a disciple again, he will return to destroy him. Whis suggests that he chooses his next disciple based on their heart rather than their power. Shin tells Bills that they must hurry as he has urgent news to share with Goku and Vegeta.

In the future, Mai and Trunks reach Goku's location, and he scolds them for not keeping a safe distance. Trunks explains that Goku Black's current Super Saiyan form is much stronger than before. Goku says that he's probably been training, but he still feels a vast difference in power between them and Black.

Trunks has a bad feeling and says they need to end the battle as quickly as they can. Goku asks Vegeta to finish off Black immediately. In this situation, Vegeta prepares to eliminate him with a Final Flash.

However, just before Vegeta's lethal attack reaches him, someone quickly grabs Black and saves him. This leaves Vegeta perplexed, wondering who saved him.

Back in the present once again, Shin explains to Bills that in the future, he discovered that Goku Black has an accomplice, who is a formidable adversary. In the future, it is revealed that Zamasu is the one who saved Goku Black and quickly heals him. He mentions that he came close to dying, but it doesn't matter since thanks to him, they are closer to achieving the ultimate body.

The chapter ends with Zamasu mentioning that the "Zero Mortals Plan" requires both of them to be successful.

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