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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 20

Trunks, Vegeta, and Goku find themselves puzzled as they witness Zamasu alongside Goku Black, despite believing them to be the same person. In the present, Bulma informs Beerus that Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta have already departed for the future. Furthermore, Shin explains that there are two Zamasus in the future: one from their timeline who has become Black, and another Zamasu from the alternate future.

Back in the future, Vegeta reaches the conclusion that Black is the Zamasu from his time, while the other Zamasu is the one from Trunks' future. Zamasu and Goku Black discuss how it is possible for Goku and Vegeta to appear in their current timeline. Zamasu reveals that he has been traveling through the five parallel worlds and discovered no obstacles. However, he is surprised to find a sixth ring, indicating the creation of a new world.

Vegeta suggests that in his timeline, Zamasu was likely killed by Beerus, resulting in a timeline where he no longer exists. Upon hearing this, Black concludes that Goku and Vegeta have appeared because they traveled from the past.

Vegeta and Goku Black begin their fight. However, the battle takes a different turn this time as Vegeta finds himself at a disadvantage and paralyzed by telekinesis. Black explains that Vegeta was correct in assuming he couldn't fully control Goku's body, so he had to find another way to become stronger. He decided to take advantage of the Saiyans' natural ability to grow stronger each time they recover from near-death experiences.

Goku gives Vegeta a Senzu Bean to recover and continue fighting. Mai suggests that it might make him stronger. However, Black remains stronger, leading Trunks to deduce that his father and Goku can no longer grow stronger from recovering near death since they have already pushed their bodies to their absolute limits.

Zamasu heals Goku Black once again, mentioning that their divine souls and Saiyan bodies are merging into one, granting him power levels beyond what mere mortals could achieve.

Black transforms into Super Saiyan Rosé. Vegeta and Goku decide to fight together. Black explains that his hair turns pink instead of blue because that's what happens when gods reach their level of power.

While Vegeta continues to battle Black, Goku prepares to fight Zamasu. Goku seems to have the upper hand and manages to impale him with some debris. Goku tells him that there's still time to use the Super Dragon Balls to restore everything to normal. However, when he removes the object that pierced Zamasu's abdomen, he regenerates. Zamasu explains that he destroyed the Super Dragon Balls after making his final wish.

Goku asks what that wish was, and Zamasu reveals that he wished for immortality, explaining his regeneration. He then uses his telekinetic powers to steal and destroy Goku's Senzu Beans. Zamasu mentions that even though he may not be as strong, he can fight Goku thanks to his divine powers.

Vegeta falls defeated against Black, and Trunks rushes to help him. Black states that with the power he has attained, Vegeta is useless and intends to kill him. Trunks asks Goku to retreat. In a desperate attempt to escape, Trunks yells for everyone to close their eyes and uses the Solar Flare technique to blind Black and Zamasu, buying them enough time to escape through the sewers.

Goku and Trunks discuss how they can defeat an immortal enemy. Goku mentions that in the past, Master Roshi and his master also faced an immortal enemy but managed to defeat him using a technique called the Mafuba, which allowed them to seal him in a rice pot. Trunks suggests they return to the past to learn how to perform the Mafuba.

Zamasu and Goku Black attempt to detect everyone's ki but fail since Saiyans have the ability to conceal their presence. However, Black realizes that Mai's ki is detectable since that ability is exclusive to Saiyans. They teleport to where Mai is hiding, and she attacks them with a shotgun.

Surprisingly, Trunks appears and impales his sword into Zamasu. Goku and Vegeta are already inside the time machine, about to travel to the past. Black tries to destroy the machine, but Trunks attacks him, preventing it. In the end, Vegeta and Black successfully travel to the past, but Trunks remains on the ground, with Black's hand on his face, ready to kill him.

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