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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 21

Trunks from the present is seen training, using Shu and Pilaf as punching bags. Mai appears lost in thought until the time machine reappears once again. Bulma is surprised to see Goku and Vegeta emerge from it, badly injured, but instead of Trunks, a cat appears. Bulma gives them Senzu Beans to recover, and Goku apologizes for not being able to return with Trunks, but explains that they had no other choice but to leave him behind. He adds that they need to learn the Mafuba.

Regarding Trunks, Goku suggests they could travel to the exact moment they left. However, Bulma says that's not possible because the time machine is not connected to a specific point in time but to a parallel world. Therefore, when a day passes in the present, a day also passes in the future. She adds that the connection with the alternate future has weakened, so the next trip they make to Trunks' future must also be the last.

This discovery surprises Shin greatly, so he excuses himself, saying he needs to visit Gowasu, and he leaves. Whis looks at him suspiciously. Beerus mentions that he cannot go to the future because he already took care of the Zamasu in the present, so it's best for him to stay and eat in the present while Vegeta and Goku solve everything.

Goku asks what happened to the future's Whis, and Whis explains that when a God of Destruction dies, the angel who serves them is suspended until a new god replaces them. Goku is surprised to learn they have no allies in the future.

Goku says they have no choice but to learn how to perform the Mafuba. He asks Vegeta what he plans to do, and Vegeta says he doesn't want to rely on a technique like that, so he flies away at full speed toward Kami's Lookout.

In the future, Trunks continues to be beaten by Black, who holds his face. Seeing Trunks smile because Goku and Vegeta escaped infuriates Black, and he slams Trunks into the ground. Mai reacts by attacking him, which annoys Black. He blasts her away with a burst of energy from his eyes. Trunks takes advantage of Black's distraction to retreat and attempt a Solar Flare (Taiyoken), but Zamasu throws his sword, preventing Trunks from executing the technique and cutting him slightly on the neck.

Black continues to attack Trunks, determined to kill him. Mai tries to help by giving Trunks the sword, but he tells her not to come closer and to run away instead. Black prepares an energy ball to kill Trunks, but before he can throw it, Gowasu appears alongside Trunks, stopping Black in surprise.

Shin appears with Mai, and both Kaioshins teleport them to the Sacred World of the Kaioshins. Zamasu is impressed since they were supposed to be dead, but Black deduces that they must also have come from the past. Upon arriving at the Sacred World, Trunks is astonished to see that Shin has come to help him. He asks if they come from the past, and Shin confirms, explaining that Supreme Kaioshins are allowed to freely use the Time Rings.

Gowasu blames himself for not realizing his disciple Zamasu's plans in time and apologizes to Trunks with a bow. Mai asks where they are, and Shin explains they are in the world of the Sacred Kaioshins. He adds that they have moved so far away that not even Black will be able to locate them, so they must hide there until Goku and Vegeta return.

At Kame House, Goku is seen practicing the Mafuba while being observed by Master Roshi. Roshi tells Goku that he's doing the technique wrong, as he's unable to direct it into the pot due to his roughness, and he needs to be delicate when using the Mafuba.

Goku asks if Roshi can travel to the future to use the technique against Zamasu, but Roshi explains that he can't because sealing such a powerful monster requires an immense amount of energy and stamina, and he would die before sealing it in the rice cooker.

In the future, Zamasu and Black discuss their next moves since Shin is now aware of their plan, and they can no longer carry it out in secrecy. Zamasu suggests that if they inform the Omni-King about it, they would be at a clear disadvantage. Therefore, it's not advisable for them to focus on Earth anymore, but instead, they should direct their actions towards another planet.

Back in the future, Zamasu and Black debate what to do next. If their enemies inform the Omni-King of their future actions, it could put them at a disadvantage. Thus, it would be recommended for them to go to another planet, but not before killing the remaining Earthlings. They agree to leave in the morning after slaughtering all the humans on Earth.

Suddenly, Shin and Gowasu become alarmed as they witness Zamasu killing all the remaining humans on Earth. Faced with this situation, Gowasu decides to go to Earth, believing he can persuade his disciple to change his course of action.

Goku Black and Zamasu arrive at a warehouse where the last surviving humans are hiding. Zamasu proceeds to kill them. Gowasu appears behind Goku Black and asks him to stop what he's doing, but at that moment, Zamasu eliminates the remaining humans. Gowasu tries to convince Black to abandon his intentions.

Zamasu notices Gowasu, but Shin, Trunks, and Mai appear to prevent him from getting in the way of Black and Gowasu. Black doesn't listen to his master and decides to kill him by impaling him with a ki blade. He mentions that it's the third time he has killed Gowasu, as the first time was when he killed his master Gowasu, and the second time was when he killed the Gowasu from the alternate future. Gowasu's body falls from the top of the building where he was talking to Black.

Back in the present, Vegeta emerges from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his clothes heavily damaged but filled with excitement. Meanwhile, Goku finally perfects the Mafuba technique.

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