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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 22

Gowasu lies lifeless on the ground after falling from the building where Black pierced his chest with a ki blade. Shin is infuriated and without hesitation, he lunges to attack Black, but before he can reach him, Zamasu kicks him down to the ground.

Trunks pleads with Gowasu to hold on, and Gowasu begins coughing up blood, revealing that he is not yet dead. Black regrets not being able to strike his vital organs. Seeing that Black is approaching to kill Gowasu, Trunks tells Mai to escape with Gowasu while he takes on Zamasu and Black, awaiting the return of Goku and Vegeta. Trunks transforms into Super Saiyan and prepares to attack Black.

Vegeta and Goku arrive in the alternate future and immediately sense Trunks' ki, but they notice that it is diminishing rapidly, deducing that he is in a fight. When they reach the battle site using Goku's Instant Transmission, they discover that Trunks is gravely wounded.

Vegeta declares that he will deal with Black and orders Goku to give a Senzu Bean to Trunks and Gowasu. Vegeta and Goku Black move away from the scene to fight elsewhere. Zamasu attempts to reach Goku with a barrage of ki blasts but fails as Goku escapes using Instant Transmission along with Trunks and Shin. They all arrive where Gowasu and Mai are.

Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan God to confront Black, which surprises Black as he knows that this form is less powerful than Super Saiyan Blue. As they begin to fight, Vegeta manages to dodge all of Black's attacks, causing Black to acknowledge that Vegeta's speed seems to have increased.

Goku mentions that he only has one Senzu Bean left. He adds that he has mastered the Mafuba, and reveals the capsule containing the rice cooker where he plans to seal Zamasu. Everyone watches in awe as Vegeta gains the upper hand in the battle against Black. Goku reveals that it is all because Vegeta is utilizing the Super Saiyan God form, which consumes less energy, but when he attacks, he momentarily transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, balancing his endurance and power.

He mentions that he did the same thing once when facing Hit, but Vegeta is doing it continuously, indicating that he must have undergone extremely intense training to achieve it. Zamasu surprises Vegeta with a kick and tells Goku Black that they should fight together to gain the advantage.

In response to this situation, Goku rushes to confront Zamasu using the Mafuba. Vegeta continues to fight against Black. Goku performs the Mafuba technique and successfully seals Zamasu. However, just as he is about to place the sealing talisman to seal Zamasu permanently, he realizes that he forgot it and instead brought a coupon for a cabaret discount. Due to this, Zamasu manages to escape.

Seeing that he can't use the Mafuba, Goku decides to transform into Super Saiyan God. Zamasu attempts to paralyze Goku, but Goku easily evades his attack due to his superior speed. Goku tells Zamasu that he only needs to keep hitting him until he surrenders and adds that it seems like Vegeta won't take much longer to defeat Black.

Zamasu becomes extremely enraged when Goku tells him that he can't do anything without his partner. Cornered, the two Zamasus come to the conclusion that they must resort to their last resort. Goku notices that Black is removing his Potara earring, causing him to panic and tell Vegeta to finish them off quickly. Goku launches a desperate ki wave, but his attack is in vain.

When the smoke clears from Goku's attack, it is revealed that the two Zamasus have fused and become "Zamasu God." Mai, Trunks, Gowasu, and Shin look on in shock and terror at the new being. Goku and Vegeta are also deeply impacted by the fusion. The fused Zamasu declares that mortals should feel honored to witness his new form.

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