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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 24

Goku and Vegeta rise, wounded, after Zamasu's final fusion attack. Both Saiyans ponder why the fusion couldn't last an hour, and Trunks shares the same curiosity. Gowasu suggests that perhaps they separated because their power was too overwhelming, causing the fusion to become unstable.

Gowasu becomes furious, considering it blasphemy that they fused using the Potara earrings. He creates portals through which he extends his arms to strike Goku and Vegeta, leaving them both incapacitated.

Trunks asks Gowasu how much time is left for Zamasu's fusion, and he estimates about twenty minutes. In this situation, Shin starts lamenting becoming the Supreme Kai, as if he hadn't, he would still possess his healing powers. This surprises Trunks, who reveals that he was once an apprentice of the Supreme Kai in his timeline.

Shin asks if he performed the ritual, and Trunks confirms that he did. Shin then says that Trunks has the healing power. Trunks begins to reflect on this and realizes that he unknowingly saved Mai and Gowasu from death using that power. He decides to immediately go and save Goku and Vegeta when he notices a massive explosion and sees his father being sent flying after being attacked. He quickly flies over and rescues him.

Trunks prepares to heal Vegeta, but before he does, Shin warns him that healing someone as powerful as a Super Saiyan Blue will require him to use all his power, so he'll have to choose between healing Goku or Vegeta. Trunks decides to heal his father, but before he can do so, Vegeta objects and tells him to heal Goku instead since, despite his dislike of admitting it, Goku is the only one capable of facing Zamasu's fusion.

Zamasu relentlessly attacks Goku, but Vegeta arrives and rescues him, throwing him far away and instructing him to go to Trunks. As Goku moves away, Zamasu traps Vegeta. Vegeta intentionally provokes Zamasu to buy time while Trunks manages to heal Goku.

Trunks watches as Vegeta is brutally assaulted by Zamasu, so he hastens to heal Goku as quickly as possible. After the healing is complete, Goku feels brand new, but Trunks is weakened from using so much energy.

Vegeta faints and is on the brink of death, so Goku quickly teleports to confront Zamasu. Seeing Goku, Zamasu stops attacking Vegeta, who has lost consciousness. Shin takes advantage of Goku's conversation with Zamasu to rescue Vegeta.

After saving Vegeta, Trunks uses the remaining energy he has to partially heal his father, allowing him to regain consciousness. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, but he assumes a calm stance, and the aura of Super Saiyan Blue disappears. When the battle begins, Zamasu swiftly attacks Goku using his portals, but Goku manages to dodge all the strikes until he lands a punch on Zamasu's face, leaving everyone present astonished.

Trunks remarks that Goku has managed to match Zamasu's fusion in power. Vegeta explains that Goku has contained all the overflowing power of Super Saiyan Blue within his body. He adds that Goku has become aware of the biggest weakness of that transformation, which only allows him to unleash his full power for a brief time, but now Goku can maintain a constant 100% of his power, perfecting Super Saiyan Blue.

The battle between Goku and Zamasu's fusion remains evenly matched. Vegeta, lost in thought, observes the fight and contemplates how Goku is pushing himself beyond his limits by containing the power of Super Saiyan Blue within him. He wonders how long Goku will be able to withstand it. Shin mentions that if Goku can continue fighting like this, he'll endure until Zamasu's fusion ends.

As the battle continues, Goku starts to feel his body struggling to withstand the power of Super Saiyan Blue for much longer.

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