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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 3

Goku lies gravely wounded on the ground after the devastating blow dealt by Bills. The Northern Kai asks him how he's doing, and Goku weakly replies that he couldn't do anything against Bills, earning a scolding from the Kai for daring to challenge someone supposedly unbeatable.

Sitting on the ground, Goku mentions that Bills said he would head to Earth, which he considers will probably be bad news because they are currently celebrating Bulma's birthday.

At that moment, the Z warriors are shown fighting Bills on the cruise ship where Bulma's birthday is being celebrated. However, the fight is not due to an attack from Bills as one would expect. Instead, Bills claims that all he has done is come peacefully in search of the Saiyan God, but he complains that they have been treating him poorly.

Gotenks, annoyed, retorts that they haven't been treating him poorly but simply didn't give him a piece of flan. This enrages Bills, as he considers it a serious offense that they didn't give him a piece of flan, claiming it would be the first time he could eat it while they could eat it every day. Gotenks explains they couldn't do anything because Buu ate it all. Afterward, Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan Phase Three and quickly attacks Bills.

This proves to be futile as Bills easily dodges Gotenks' attacks and decides to punish him with spankings before tossing him off the ship. Piccolo witnesses this and becomes angry with Gotenks but prepares to use his Makankosappo technique against Bills, although he doesn't execute it as Vegeta appears behind him and tells him it's useless to confront Bills.

Bills notices Vegeta and remarks that he hasn't seen him since he was a child. Vegeta then has a flashback to his childhood when Bills humiliated his father. He reveals to everyone that Bills is the God of Destruction and that due to his immense power, no one in the universe dares to oppose him.

However, Vegeta's comments don't deter Bulma, who suddenly appears and slaps Bills, demanding that he leave because he's ruining her party. This leaves everyone, especially Vegeta, bewildered. Bills ignores Bulma's remarks and retaliates with a punch. This greatly infuriates the Saiyan prince, prompting him to transform into Super Saiyan 2 and swiftly attack Bills.

Surprisingly, the attacks have some effect, although Vegeta manages to land a few hits on the destroyer Bills without causing significant damage. At that moment, the elder Kaioshin and Kibito-Shin observe the battle between Bills and Vegeta, fearing that Earth could be destroyed at any moment.

Furthermore, the elder Kaioshin finds it strange that the God of Destruction is on Earth as he can witness another planet disappearing somewhere in the universe. To find out what's happening, he begins investigating with his crystal ball and sees Vados and Champa discussing "wish orbs." Kibito-Shin suspects they must be referring to the Dragon Balls.

Champa realizes they are being watched and instantly appears alongside Vados in front of the elder Kaioshin and Kibito-Shin. Champa reprimands them for eavesdropping and asks how much they heard. Both Kaioshin appear nervous but deny hearing anything, and though Champa remains suspicious of them, he decides to leave with Vados.

After their departure, the Kaioshin conclude that Champa is likely searching for the Dragon Balls of Namek and not those of Earth, as he mentioned they were big. The elder Kaioshin says they must reach Namek before them to protect the Dragon Balls.

On Earth, Bills grows tired of fighting Vegeta and declares he will destroy the planet because it's worthless to him. But before he can do so, Goku teleports in front of Vegeta and asks Bills for a little more time.

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