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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 30

Bills is seething with anger over Goku's defeat in the battle. Shin observes him and wonders what he might be discussing with Toppo as he seems deeply affected. Meanwhile, Goku mentions that he had hoped to be the most powerful warrior in his universe, considering he is a candidate for the God of Destruction.

Toppo explains to him that, like himself, Jiren has no interest in becoming a God of Destruction. He adds that he must withdraw as the tournament will begin soon. Goku is thrilled to learn that there is someone stronger than Toppo and eagerly awaits the start of the tournament. Toppo approaches Vermoud, who congratulates him.

Bills is concerned about Goku's attitude, but Whis tells him that Saiyans become more powerful in critical moments, and perhaps Goku knows this. The Grand Priest announces to everyone that there will be a change in rules for the tournament. He orders the selection of ten competitors from each universe, excluding the Gods of Destruction.

He further states that if an opponent falls off the fighting platform, the match is won. It is also announced that killing is prohibited, and the time limit will be forty-eight minutes. Goku complains, considering it too much time, so Bills decides to slap him to get him to stop arguing.

The Grand Priest mentions that time will not be an issue, as all fighters will engage simultaneously, pushing each other off the platform. If time runs out, the universe with the most remaining warriors will win. Additionally, the overall winner will be granted a wish from the Super Dragon Balls.

Everyone is surprised when the Grand Priest announces that the winning universe will not be erased, but the losers will. The exceptions to erasure are universes 1, 5, 6, and 12, as their average human level exceeds 7. Furthermore, the angels will continue to exist, but the Gods of Destruction will be eliminated along with their universes.

Bills asks Bills about the average human level in their universe, and he mentions it is 3.8, making it the second-lowest. This infuriates Bills, and he starts blaming Shin, who also blames Bills for spending too much time sleeping.

The Grand Priest also mentions that the battle will take place on a special platform in the Void World, and weapons and healing items are prohibited. If anyone is caught using such items, their entire team will be disqualified.

In the end, the Grand Priest sends everyone back as there are only 39 hours left before the tournament begins. The warriors of Universe 7 return to Bills' planet. The God of Destruction strikes Goku again, filled with anger. Shin says that he shouldn't be angry with Goku since Universe 7 was originally meant to be erased, and Goku's intervention has given them a chance to survive.

Bills continues to be angry with Goku, as he was unable to defeat Toppo, making their chances of winning complicated. Shin mentions that there's no time to argue, as they need to gather the ten warriors and formulate a strategy. Bills criticizes Whis, who can remain calm because he won't be erased regardless of what happens. Whis explains that it's because he was sent only as a guide.

Shin says that the worst part is the people who will be affected if they don't think properly about what will happen. Goku wonders if he should try to convince the Omni-King not to erase the universes, but Whis says it's better not to do anything as he risks being instantly erased.

Bills suggests that they should visit Bulma and indulge in all the food they can, as they might get erased because of Goku. The Saiyan complains about Bills constantly bringing it up, but Whis thinks it's a good idea since all the warriors are on Earth.

In Universe 11, Vermoud exudes confidence that their universe will claim victory. Furthermore, he's delighted to have discovered the existence of the Super Dragon Balls. He asks Toppo to summon Jiren and the pride troops for battle.

Supreme Kai questions Vermoud's decision to rely on the pride troops, but the God of Destruction responds that they only need one fighter standing to win, so it doesn't matter who the others are as long as Jiren participates. He firmly states that Jiren will definitely join.

Back on Earth, Vegeta complains about Goku's actions. Shin urges Goku to hurry and choose the ten warriors. Vegeta grumbles about Goku barely passing the exam, but Goku mentions that this time there won't be a written exam, so Buu can participate without any issues. Vegeta refuses to participate because his daughter is about to be born.

At that moment, Whis uses his powers to make Bulma immediately give birth to Bra and tells Vegeta that he can now join. Goku remarks that he's never seen a baby being born and assumes that Chi-Chi gave birth the same way, but Shin explains that he doesn't think it's normal.

Shin admits he doesn't know if there are any strong warriors on other planets in Universe 7 since he hasn't observed them based on their power levels. Bulma scolds him for not knowing such things, and Bills tells Shin not to argue with her since she'll win regardless of his response.

To organize the fighters, Whis mentions that the warriors from the previous tournament can participate: Goku, Vegeta, Buu, and Piccolo… Goku enthusiastically adds Monaka, but Bills firmly rejects the idea. When Goku asks why, Bills comes up with an excuse, saying he's in poor shape.

Vegeta asks if Gohan can participate, and Goku says he doesn't know since Gohan is usually busy. Vegeta scolds Goku for not training him properly, and Goku suggests that Goten and Trunks can fight, but Vegeta refuses to involve the kids in the tournament.

Due to this, Goku mentions Tien, Krillin, and Master Roshi. He then remembers that Android 18, Krillin's wife, is much stronger than him. Vegeta suggests that if she's participating, Android 17 should also join. Bulma wonders if it's okay for him to participate since he's supposed to be evil, but Goku says apparently not.

Vegeta asks if Goku knows where he lives, but Goku says he doesn't and can't sense his energy, so he thinks he should ask Android 18. Goku prepares to go look for the warriors. Before he leaves, Vegeta tells him to get enough Senzu Beans, but Whis warns them that it's a healing item that doesn't come from a warrior's power, so it goes against the rules. Goku sees this as a problem, but Shin mentions that thanks to Buu's healing powers, they shouldn't have any issues. Goku sets off to find Krillin.

On Planet Bass in Universe 11, the pride troops are fighting a monster while also saving the inhabitants. Toppo asks where Jiren is, and Dyspo replies that he's on Planet Toware, dealing with fugitives from the Galactic Prison. Toppo mentions that the planet is far away.

The monster attacks the pride troops with paralyzing foam. Dyspo prepares to attack, but Toppo warns him that if he attacks recklessly, the people inside the foam will be affected, so he stops.

Suddenly, someone arrives flying at great speed, capturing the attention of all the pride troops. Swiftly, he defeats the monster and shrinks it down to the size of a capsule. It's revealed to be Jiren.

Jiren explains that he arrived so quickly because he already took care of the "supplementary problem" and flew here, allowing him to arrive faster than if he used a spaceship. Toppo mentions that he has something to tell everyone, but Jiren says they should wait until all the citizens are freed first.

From his planet, Vermoud mentions that Jiren is not swayed by selfish reasons and dedicates himself to justice. He adds that even though he's evil, he's against killing. However, he says there's something he desires that can be fulfilled, even if it goes against his principles. Supreme Kai speculates that Vermoud is referring to Jiren being able to fulfill that wish with the Super Dragon Balls.

Margarita senses that Vermoud wants to use the Super Dragon Balls as bait to get Jiren to participate, and Vermoud says he's only giving Jiren the opportunity to fulfill his wish. He adds that he can't trust Toppo, so he'll have to step up as well.

On Planet Bass, everything is calm now, and the citizens have been freed. Jiren mentions that he refuses to participate in the tournament if it means destroying other universes. At that moment, Vermoud arrives and tells Jiren that if he wins, there's a chance his wish will be granted. The pride troops are surprised to see Vermoud personally showing up. Vermoud asks Jiren if he will participate, and Jiren states that he will, on the condition that he'll return immediately if any problems arise in Universe 11. Vermoud smiles triumphantly.

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