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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 31

A peculiar portrayal unfolds, showcasing a dramatization of Mr. Satan triumphing over Cell. It takes place on a televised reenactment, with Mr. Satan appearing on a talk show, recounting how he "defeated Cell" ten years ago. The host mentions that after that incident, the people killed by Cell were revived.

The host asks Mr. Satan for his thoughts on what really happened at that time. Mr. Satan comments that superheroes have the power to make miracles happen, and that has been one of the many miracles he has accomplished. The host remarks that superheroes are beyond human comprehension.

Meanwhile, Krillin's family wears solemn expressions as they watch the program. Krillin mentions that they asked Shenron to revive the people killed by Cell. The show returns, and the host inquires about a young man (Android 17) spotted at the location where Cell perished.

Mr. Satan dismisses it as mere fake news, stating that he completely destroyed Cell. The host expresses relief upon hearing that. It is mentioned that seven years after that event, Mr. Satan once again saved the Earth. Android 18 decides to turn off the television, calling it garbage, although her daughter complains because she was watching it.

At that moment, the doorbell rings. Krillin checks the intercom and sees that it's Goku. Krillin asks him why he's there so late, and Goku explains that he has something to tell him, so Krillin invites him in.

Krillin asks if Goku wants to eat something, and Goku replies that he just wants a small snack since he already ate at Bulma's house. Minutes later, Goku has consumed three portions and asks for another one, but 18 tells him there's no more. Goku compliments the food, but she says that Krillin made it. Krillin then asks Goku what he wanted to tell him.

Goku explains everything about the Tournament of Power to Krillin while Maron plays with Android 18. Krillin asks if there will be any punishment for the universes that lose. Goku recalls that Beerus ordered him not to mention that the universes will be erased to avoid scaring the other participants, so he doesn't bring it up. Krillin and 18 conclude that it will be a tournament just for fun.

Krillin believes that they can win if they work as a team and agrees to participate, though he mentions that he's out of shape. Goku asks 18 if she's going to participate, and she refuses, stating that she needs to take care of Maron and doesn't want to participate if there's no reward involved.

Goku says that Bulma can take care of Maron and adds that she has an amusement park and an aquarium. Furthermore, Goku mentions that if she participates, she'll receive millions of Zeni as a reward, so finally, Android 18 decides to accept. Goku then asks if she knows where Android 17 is, and she responds that the last she heard was that he was working at a wildlife sanctuary whose name she can't remember.

Krillin mentions that Dende can see everything from the sky, so he probably knows where Android 17 is. Goku finds it a great idea and decides to go visit him.

Upon arriving at the Lookout, Goku and Mr. Popo greet Dende. Dende is already informed about the Tournament of Power since, being a god, he was able to hear everything upon sensing that the God of Destruction was on Earth. Dende also explains to Goku that Android 17 is on an island to the south. Then, he uses his powers to move the lookout to the location of the island.

While they travel, Goku wonders why Android 17 became good, and Mr. Popo explains that the androids were once normal humans, but they became evil due to Dr. Gero's programming. Dende adds that Krillin's wish to deactivate the bombs served to unleash the humanity within the androids.

Dende mentions that it seems 17 now has a family and works as a wildlife preservationist on an island. He adds that 17 has become so powerful that he would be worried if he were still an enemy. Dende asks Goku if he knows a very talented child who lives in a village near their current location.

Dende mentions that the child's name is Uub and is the reincarnation of Majin Buu. He suggests that Goku should train him someday to guide him on the right path. Goku looks at Uub from the sky and tells Dende that he'll remember it.

They arrive at the island where Android 17 is, and Goku leaps onto it. However, upon arrival, he realizes he doesn't know what 17 looks like and regrets not bringing Vegeta along. Poachers drive by in their vehicles near him, and Goku wonders if any of them could be 17 since Dende told him that even though he works alone, he has a team with him.

Goku hops onto the hood of one of the poachers' cars and removes the driver's mask. Thinking he's talking to Android 17, Goku greets him and asks if he wears the mask because it makes him stronger. The poacher assumes that Goku must be a friend of the caretaker (Android 17).

Android 17 appears before the poachers, and they all start shooting at him. He easily blocks the bullets with his arms and then effortlessly attacks them. He strikes the masked Goku, who defends himself.

Goku realizes that this is 17 and that he is very powerful. He transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and then into Super Saiyan 3 to continue the battle. 17 prepares to launch a powerful attack, but Goku tells him to stop as he reveals his identity, and 17 recognizes him by his voice.

Goku says that he had never seen him before, so he wasn't sure how he looked. 17 mentions that he saw and heard Goku while he was inside Cell. 17 asks if Goku is with the poachers, but the Saiyan explains that he only came to talk to him.

17 asks Goku to help him stop the poachers. The day passes, and while they eat around a campfire, Goku finishes explaining the situation. 17 refuses at first, but Goku explains that the universe will be erased if they lose. However, 17 continues to decline. To convince him, Goku mentions that if he participates, he'll get to see Krillin and Android 18 again since they will also participate in the tournament.

17 remembers that it was thanks to Krillin that he became human again, so he feels indebted to him. Android 17 inquires about using the Super Dragon Balls to wish for a five-billion Zeni cruise that he wants to take with his family. Goku tells him that if he becomes the best competitor and wins the Super Dragon Balls, he'll give them to him since he has nothing to ask for. Finally, 17 agrees to participate.

Mr. Satan wraps up an interview and requests to cancel all his appointments as he received a message informing him of a crucial matter that needs resolving. He tells Buu that they have an emergency due to another tournament in space but panics upon discovering that Buu is asleep.

Bulma is in conversation with Beerus and Vegeta, discussing the need for one more fighter to reach the total of ten. She considers mentioning Yamcha but before doing so, she receives a call from Mr. Satan, informing her that Buu has entered hibernation and won't wake up for another two months, leaving them with only two fighters.

Beerus, Whis, Shin, and Vegeta debate who the last two members of Universe 7's team could be. Vegeta suggests asking Gohan. Beerus asks if they can count on him, and Vegeta says they can if he manages to regain his fighting instincts.

Whis calls Goku and explains the situation, so Goku decides that he needs to make Gohan regain his fighting instincts but first wants to see Piccolo. Piccolo agrees to participate but asks Goku to give him some Senzu Beans first.

Goku explains that it's against the rules to use them, but Piccolo says he'll use them to train Gohan because they can't win without him.

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