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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 33

In the Realm of Void, all the fighters from Universe 7 arrive after Whis teleports them. Krillin observes one end of the platform with surprise and mentions that they will be done for if they fall there. Goku shows excitement about the place.

Vegeta comments on the high gravity of the place, stating that they will have to fight without flying. Gohan remarks that the high gravity could be an advantage for everyone. Whis invites them to fly, claiming that there's no way they can do it. Goku decides to try flying and discovers that he is unable to do so. The rest of the Universe 7 warriors also attempt it and realize they can't fly either.

Whis mentions that the gravity is being controlled because the participants need to fall. Krillin notices a bird flying by, and Whis adds that it can fly because it has wings, just like those from Earth. Beerus tries to fly and realizes that he can, as well as Shin. Whis explains that the participants are the only ones unable to fly and that the gravity adjusts to the mass of all the participants to make it fair.

Many of the Z Fighters become worried, but Goku tries to cheer them up by reminding them that they will be facing strong opponents and that they will train again like in the past.

The fighters from Universe 6 appear next, and Champa mentions that they were close to arriving late. Goku greets Hit, and they both show excitement at the chance to face each other again. Caulifla asks Cabba who the Saiyans he mentioned are, and he points to Goku and Vegeta, describing Vegeta as his master.

Caulifla wonders if they are really strong, and Cabba confirms that they are the strongest he has known. Freeza and Frost meet and get along, realizing that they not only look similar but also share a love for domination through strength. Freeza proposes a secret alliance to Frost, and Frost accepts.

Shin notices that the warriors from Universe 11 have arrived. Both Goku and Vegeta can sense the presence of Jiren. Goku mentions that he can't properly sense his ki, recognizing it as a sign that he is different from the other warriors. Goku decides to go greet them, starting with Toppo.

Goku asks Toppo if Jiren is who he thinks he is, and Toppo confirms it. Goku then greets Jiren, but Jiren rudely tells him to leave and excuses himself, not wanting to waste unnecessary energy. Vegeta tells Goku that he's making a bad impression.

Furthermore, Vegeta adds that there is no other opponent they should worry about because compared to Jiren, none of them pose a threat.

The Grand Priest appears and announces the arrival of the Omni-King. He adds that the tournament will start soon and asks those who are not participating to go to the bench. Beerus tries to encourage the Universe 7 warriors by reminding them that they will disappear if they lose. Shin invites them to work as a team as they planned on Earth. Before leaving, Beerus tells Goku not to get overconfident.

Piccolo and Gohan notice that there are only eight warriors in Universe 4. Tien Shinhan senses that there are more than eight, and Master Roshi suggests they might be invisible warriors. Krillin becomes worried and mentions that it could give them a significant advantage.

The Grand Priest captures everyone's attention and announces that the Tournament of Power is about to begin. He states that the tournament will last for 100 taks, and Piccolo explains that it's around a hundred minutes. The Grand Priest once again explains the rules.

Goku mentions that it's time to fight. Gohan reminds everyone of the importance of working as a team to win. The Grand Priest initiates the tournament. To the surprise of Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and Tien Shinhan, half of the team quickly separates to fight on their own.

Android 17 heads towards a group of warriors and easily eliminates three of them. Frieza eliminates one who is hanging on the edge. Android 18 eliminates a warrior who flirts with her. Vegeta eliminates two.

Meanwhile, Goku tries to directly confront Jiren, but six members of the Pride Troopers stand in his way. Goku is forced to transform into Super Saiyan to face them. After knocking down the six members, he tries to pursue Jiren, but Jiren quickly moves away.

Frieza encounters Frost. Frieza mentions that he came to provide information and points out the three bald warriors from their universe (Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, and Krillin) as the weakness of Universe 7. Frost says that if he eliminates them, their universe will lose faster, but Frieza says that's not a problem because he only agreed to participate for revenge.

In response, Frost smiles and says he doesn't see any problem in getting rid of them.

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