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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 39

A thunderous clash ignites as the hybrid Saiyan, Gohan from Universe 7, squares off against the dynamic fusion of Kale and Caulifla, the formidable Kefla from Universe 6. The battlefield quakes under their relentless onslaught, each blow exchanged leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

An intense duel unfolds between these two mighty warriors, their power colliding in a cataclysmic dance of strength. Gohan and Kefla push themselves beyond their limits, inflicting tremendous damage upon each other, their determination unwavering in the face of adversity.

The battle between these Saiyan forces reaches an unprecedented equilibrium, an impasse that compels Gohan to make a fateful decision. With unwavering resolve, he chooses to sacrifice himself alongside Kefla, channeling the very essence of his being into a final surge of energy. In that selfless act, Universe 6 meets its ultimate demise, vanishing into the cosmic abyss.

Meanwhile, the venerable Master Roshi steps forward, defying the indomitable Jiren, daring to challenge the seemingly invincible foe. With a glimpse of his revered skills, he strives to hold his ground against this colossal adversary, yet the outcome is swift and decisive. Despite his valiant effort, Roshi is swiftly overcome, his defeat a testament to Jiren's overwhelming might.

But hope remains unextinguished, for the indomitable Goku awakens the coveted Ultra Instinct, a state of sublime mastery. With unmatched speed and power, he unleashes chaos upon Jiren, his every movement a symphony of calculated strikes. However, the winds of fortune prove fickle, and the hero of our saga is stripped of his newfound transformation, left teetering on the precipice of a perilous predicament.

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