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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 40

Vegeta takes notice that once again Goku has surpassed him, but this time he decides not to follow the same path to become stronger than him. Instead, he will do it in his own unique way.

The Saiyan prince manages to pose some complications for Jiren, but the powerful warrior from Universe 7 fights seriously and easily strikes Vegeta.

Toppo and Dyspo find themselves in a dire situation facing the emperor of evil, yet Freeza doesn't eliminate them immediately. This prompts Jiren to react, striking both Android 17 and the frost demon.

Jiren sees his teammates in danger and instead of helping them, he decides to eliminate them and face Universe 7's team alone.

All the warriors from Universe 7 suffer severe blows, and Jiren edges closer to victory. On the other hand, Android 17 self-destructs in an attempt to defeat the fighter from Universe 11, but he fails to do so.

Finally, Goku manages to once again reach the level of Ultra Instinct and will fight Jiren once more to try and overcome the most powerful warrior in the Tournament of Power.

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