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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 45

Vegeta prepares to fight Moro in his Super Saiyan God form, and Goku warns Moro that they are aware of his ability to absorb the life energy of planets. However, this fearsome villain shows no signs of intimidation.

The battle between the Saiyan and the demonic being begins, and it becomes apparent that Moro is far superior to Vegeta. Moro's attacks are fueled by the immense power he is absorbing from Planet Namek, and he reveals that this technique has no limits and he can continue using it until the planet is depleted.

Vegeta finds himself in a difficult situation and proposes a deal to Moro, asking him to reveal his true purpose of him on Planet Namek in exchange for sparing his life of him. Moro falls into Vegeta's trap and reveals that he is searching for the Dragon Balls to restore his full power, as his body has been in a deteriorated state after being imprisoned for 10 million years.

After learning Moro's true motives, Vegeta decides to unleash his true power from him and put an end to this villain. The fight appears to be turning in Vegeta's favor, with Moro on the brink of defeat. However, a significant detail is revealed.

It turns out that Moro not only absorbs the power of planets but also that of living beings within them. Moro's strategy of him was to bide his time of him and gradually absorb the powers of the Namekians, Goku, and Vegeta.

Vegeta attempts to transform into Super Saiyan Blue but realizes that he no longer has the capacity to reach that level. The Saiyans realize that their powers have been drained by Moro. As a result, the Prince of Saiyans is easily defeated by this enemy, and the situation becomes increasingly alarming.

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