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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 47

Our protagonists find themselves in a critical situation after their almost deadly confrontation with Moro and receive medical attention from the patriarch.

They discover that Moro is gathering the Dragon Balls from Namek and has already obtained most of them, while one is in the possession of Goku, Vegeta, and the surviving Namekians.

Moro has the ability to detect the presence of spheres and easily locates them. Goku and Vegeta are forced to face him again, despite knowing that their lives are in danger and they may not survive.

In a tense moment, Goku and Vegeta exchange a look knowing that death could be their fate.

Just as both sides are about to clash, the Galactic Patrol arrives with Majin Buu, who has recovered the memories of the Sacred Kaiosama. The latter had previously defeated Moro and sealed his magical powers.

Majin Buu, enraged by the situation, shows his unstoppable power and crushes Moro, proving that his powers cannot be absorbed by the villain.

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