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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 48

Goku and Vegeta cheer on Buu as he battles Moro, while Merus is impressed by Buu's performance. When Majin Buu uses his head as a weapon, Jaco exclaims that Buu employs a very unusual and nonsensical fighting style. Vegeta remarks that in these moments, Buu's unconventional fighting style is very useful.

Goku mentions that although Moro's magic seems to have no effect on Buu, Buu still appears much stronger than before. Merus says that Buu may have unlocked his hidden potential by regaining the memories of the Grand Supreme Kai, but that even surpasses his own expectations. After being beaten for a while, Moro becomes angry and shouts that it would be impossible for him to lose if he could regain the full extent of his magical powers and devour planets.

Buu starts mocking Moro, saying that although he's a complete scoundrel himself, he keeps searching for excuses to explain his defeat, which is "not good." Goku, Vegeta, and Merus continue watching the fight, and Goku says that Buu can easily win if things continue this way. Merus agrees that Buu completely dominates Moro, but Moro can use a wide range of magical powers to turn the tide. Therefore, he advises Buu to use "this technique" to ensure that Moro cannot counterattack. Buu soon deploys four copies of his own hands to pin Moro to the ground, who appears terrified as the sky suddenly darkens.

Everyone wonders why night suddenly falls, but Goku and Vegeta realize that someone has summoned Porunga. Cranberry has successfully summoned Porunga, and a signal shows him killing an old Namekian with his rifle. Cranberry claims that as a senior warrior in the former Frieza Force, he is more than capable of dealing with young and old Namekians. Cranberry's first wish with Porunga is to heal his injuries because he is about to die, which is immediately granted. Goku notes that if Cranberry can quickly make his three wishes, things could go wrong. Goku and Vegeta decide to approach Porunga.

Moro quickly contacts Cranberry and tells him to hurry and have Porunga fully restore his magical abilities. Once Moro has fully regained his magical powers, he breaks free from Buu's grasp and rushes towards Porunga faster than Goku and Vegeta. Cranberry is about to make the third and final wish, which is to teleport to a planet where the forces of Frieza, the Galactic Patrol, and even Moro couldn't find him. But before he can make his wish, Moro impales him from behind. Moro says that Cranberry did well and it seems that Cranberry won't need to make a wish because there is an additional wish that Moro wants to make.

The content of this wish is not directly shown. Meanwhile, Merus, Jaco, and the rest of the Galactic Patrol board their spaceship and see Porunga nearby. Goku and Vegeta finally catch up to Moro, who has just finished his last wish. Goku is extremely angry upon realizing that Moro has killed everyone, and Moro responds by saying that Cranberry did it, not him. Vegeta asks Moro what his wish is. Moro says he wants to fully restore his magical powers, but Goku says that there is still one wish left. Moro replies by saying that they will soon understand and that he has no reason to fight them before teleporting away.

Buu and the Galactic Patrol join them, and Buu says that Moro's power hasn't increased just because he has regained his magical powers, but it's likely that Moro will also devour that planet. Buu goes to heal Esca but says that the other two cannot be treated because apparently they are dead. Soon, the ground begins to tremble, and everyone assumes it's Moro attempting to drain the planet of its energy. Buu goes to Goku and Vegeta, touches their faces, and restores their stamina. When Goku and Vegeta look to thank Buu, they realize that this is actually the Grand Supreme Kai.

The Grand Supreme Kai greets everyone and says that while they were fighting Moro, he and Buu decided to switch places. He also says that they still have time to defeat Moro before he can completely devour this planet. Merus says he will do everything he can to help Goku and Vegeta get close to their spaceship, and everyone should be wary of Moro's magical powers. Finally, Merus says he knows that Goku, Vegeta, and the Grand Supreme Kai can do it.

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