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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 5

Vegeta and Goku train on Bills' planet. Goku mentions that he wants to become stronger now that he knows there are many stronger people in the universe he can fight. Vegeta tells him to shut up and keep fighting, as he is stronger.

The two Saiyans continue to face off. Vegeta says he will be the first to defeat Bills, throws Goku, and adds that Goku shouldn't think he'll always stay one step behind him. As Goku falls, Vegeta quickly heads towards him to attack again, but just before Vegeta reaches him, Goku manages to teleport and dodge. After this, Vegeta continues to launch more counterattacks, but they are ineffective.

At that moment, Vegeta becomes enraged, and Wiss mentions that it's not good that Vegeta's heart has grown rebellious. Goku uses teleportation on a tree branch, and Vegeta attacks, thinking it's Goku, so Goku takes the opportunity to surprise him with an attack from behind. However, Vegeta manages to transform into Super Saiyan Blue at that moment and swiftly attacks Goku with a Ki Wave.

Vegeta's attack is so powerful that it destroys part of the area. Goku complains that it hurt and that they had agreed not to use that transformation. They then decide that both will be in a Super Saiyan God state to have a battle of gods.

They agree to call Vegeta's transformation Super Saiyan Blue, as they consider Super Saiyan God Blue too long of a name. At that moment, Wiss scolds them for breaking the rule of not transforming in that battle and emphasizes the need to follow instructions to avoid problems, as defeating Golden Frieza does not mean there isn't room for them to become stronger.

Afterwards, Wiss repairs all the damage and punishes Goku and Vegeta by putting them in heavy training suits. This makes them annoyed, and they start arguing with each other just as Vados and Champa arrive, with Champa asking if they are Wiss's new disciples.

Wiss and Champa greet each other. Goku and Vegeta stop fighting as they are surprised to see Champa and Vados, noticing the strong resemblance they have to Wiss and Bills. Wiss leaves to find Bills at Champa's request. Goku and Vegeta then descend to meet him.

Goku says that Champa looks a lot like Bills, but with a lot more fat, which angers Champa. Vados comments that Champa is Bills' twin brother and the God of Destruction of the 6th universe. Goku asks which of the two twins is stronger, and Vados hints that Bills is stronger because Champa is fat.

Goku gets excited to learn that there are so many people stronger than them, but Vegeta mentions that it's not necessarily a good thing. Vados also mentions that she is Wiss's sister and that she is slightly stronger than him. Wiss appears alongside Bills, and Wiss mentions that it's not true that Vados is stronger than him.

Bills and Champa greet each other and discuss the need to make preparations for the typical confrontation. Goku doesn't understand what they are talking about, and the gods conjure up food. Goku realizes that the usual confrontation is a food-related battle. Wiss mentions that it is a ritual that the gods of destruction perform whenever they meet.

Goku feels a bit disappointed since he was hoping to see a real fight. The food battle continues. Suddenly, Champa asks his twin brother where he got all that food, and Bills replies that it's from a planet called Earth, a planet he claims has so many delicacies that he can't even describe their flavors.

Champa is confused because he knows nothing about Earth, so he tells Vados that there must be an Earth in his universe too, and they need to find it. Vados says she will do it immediately, and Vegeta starts questioning everything related to the 6th universe. Wiss explains that there are twelve universes, and they live in the 7th.

Later, Vados returns and mentions that she has found the Earth of the 6th universe. However, she also mentions that the history of their Earth doesn't make sense since humanity is on the brink of extinction due to a war.

This frustrates Champa, and Bills starts laughing because in their universe, there are no Earth-like planets that produce delicious food. Goku mentions that the Earth they inhabit has also been on the brink of destruction on more than one occasion and that it was once even Vegeta's objective, to which Vegeta reacts by saying that there's no need to mention names.

Champa, who is annoyed, tells Bills that they should face each other. Goku is surprised. Champa says it will be a one-on-one match, and if he wins, they will exchange their Earths. Additionally, he establishes that it will be a team battle with five members from each universe, with each one fighting one at a time. Everything ends with Goku excited to see how each god will choose their own warriors.

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