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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 53

In the bustling Kame House, Piccolo, Krillin, Bulma and Dende are caught up in the task of assembling the brave Z Fighters. However, they face a small obstacle: Tenshinhan lacks a phone, while Gohan, in the midst of a conference, he promises to join once it's over. Meanwhile, three notorious criminals, known to the Galactic Patrol as Saganbo's subordinates, head in a ship for Earth. These characters are Shimorekka, 0G-73 (nicknamed 7-3 or SevenSlee), and Yunba.

It is Jaco who, with his peculiar style, sheds some light on the situation. He explains that SevenSlee is an artificial life form, created on a planet of exorbitant capabilities. Emotionless, this being has the incredible ability to copy and absorb the techniques of his opponents, enhancing his own power over a period of 30 minutes.

The three delinquents land on a nearby planet, where SevenSlee manages to gain a native ability to open "wormholes", allowing them to travel to Earth in the blink of an eye.

The smallest of the three criminals, Shimorekka, sets out to eliminate the Makareni brothers, who are being held captive on Moro's orders, arguing that he does not need traitors acting on his behalf. But before he can act, Piccolo steps in and stops him in his tracks, making it clear that murdering someone in his custody is unforgivable. However, SevenSlee seizes the opportunity from him and uses his absorb ability to copy Piccolo's stretch technique, keeping Jaco out for the count. Fortunately, Jaco recovers quickly thanks to the boosters in his boots, which allow him to fly for short periods of time.

Going head-to-head, Piccolo and SevenSlee engage in a frantic battle, while Jaco engages in a fight with Shimorekka. In a moment of despair, Jaco reveals to Piccolo that he forgot to mention that SevenSlee possesses infinite stamina, making it useless to attack him head-on now that he has acquired Piccolo's abilities. Just as Piccolo appears to be tricked by SevenSlee, Gohan comes to his rescue. Piccolo urges Gohan to stop that individual from getting close to his neck, acknowledging that Gohan is the most powerful warrior they have for now. This leads Gohan to express his belief that Goku and Vegeta probably won't meet on Earth.

Goku, reflecting on his past experiences, comes to the conclusion that it was pure luck that he managed to activate Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power. Merus points out that he was only able to reach that extreme state because he was pushed to his absolute limits, which they must replicate in the current situation.

In the epilogue of the chapter, we meet Vegeta, accompanied by a Yardrat, who warns him about the need to balance his body and mind. He hints to himself that Vegeta will require 150 days to master that ability, which fills him with determination. However, in the midst of his musings, Vegeta questions whether he really made the right decision to come here.

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