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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 54

The chapter unfolds with the fierce confrontation between Gohan and the Seven Three, just after the former rescued Piccolo in the previous episode. With mastery and familiarity, Gohan deploys the techniques he learned from his old friend and mentor, Piccolo, clearly giving him the advantage over Seven Three. At that moment, Shimorekka orders Seven Three to do everything possible to catch Gohan's attack. But things don't go as expected, and Gohan is about to deliver the final blow to Seven Three, when Shimorekka orders his "storage" to activate.

At that moment, Seven Three absorbs the Kamehameha that was meant to knock him down. We understand then that he has a storage system that can contain up to three absorption techniques. This way, he can reserve them and the 30 minute limits only apply when he uses each person's techniques. It turns out that Moro allowed her to touch his neck to absorb his techniques, as an ace up his sleeve in case of emergency. Seven Three absorbs all the energy from Jaco, Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan.

Meanwhile, Shimorekka maintains constant communication with Saganbo, informing him in detail of everything that happens. Moro complains about having to resort to this technique so easily, since he doesn't want to be touched again and knows that his opponents must be in real trouble.

Surprised, Moro realizes that there are people on Earth who are stronger or at least as strong as Goku and Vegeta. This pressures him into having the Seven Three use this technique, since knowing Earth's history, he knows that 100 million years ago it was simply a planet inhabited by apes. In an unexpected twist, they activate a kind of live broadcast that allows Moro and Saganbo to see what is happening in real time. Lacking the strength to fight, the warriors are tortured by Yunba and Shimorekka.

At that point, Piccolo states that even if they get hit, Goku and Vegeta will come back and destroy them. Krillin adds that they are currently training to beat them and Moro. Hearing this, Moro understands that when they return, they will be stronger and thus represent a large amount of energy to absorb. This piques his interest and as Saganbo orders Moro to hit the ground as soon as possible, Moro decides to wait for Goku and Vegeta to return to absorb the energy from him and consume the Earth at the same time. The memory of Seven Three, Yunba and Shimorekka lingers in Moro's mind. Shimorekka announces that they will return to Moro in 20 days, but Jaco negotiates and states that they will return in 2 months. The three prisoners leave with the exchange ring they used to get there.

Jaco informs Merus of the facts, who in turn informs Goku while he is eating. Of course, Jaco boasts that thanks to him, the Earth is safe for the time being due to his bargaining. Goku has 2 months to master ultra instinct. Goku comments to Merus that he hasn't eaten once since they got there. Merus replies that he doesn't need to eat, since it doesn't change anything for him, whether he eats or not. Goku is shocked and remembers that Whis also told him something similar about himself. He exclaims that if he didn't have the need to eat, he would prefer not to, as the food there isn't very good. Then they resume training.

Meanwhile, Whis watches Merus training Goku. In reality, he was waiting for the arrival of the High Priest and asks him why he has come. Whis asks if he is aware of what is happening in his universe, to which the High Priest nods. He goes on to tell Whis that he hopes he didn't come to ask her to save the world from him. Whis answers without question that angels must always remain neutral and not take sides between good and evil. The High Priest approves his answer and then asks what is the reason for his visit. Whis tells him that he wants to clarify something about that rule.

The High Priest replies, "I assume you mean Merus," and Whis, unsurprised, continues, "So you figured it out." And the chapter comes to a close with an intriguing catchphrase: Could it be possible?

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