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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 55

In a hidden corner of the multiverse, Whis and the High Priest continue their momentous dialogue. The High Priest, in a gesture of divine revelation, reveals the purpose behind sending Merus to Universe 7: an insatiable search for knowledge. However, the current situation in the galactic patrol has unleashed his concern, fearing that Merus is trespassing the limits and violating the sacred laws of the angels.

Whis, with his cool head, proposes to take over Merus's tutelage and makes an insightful argument: Merus has so far made no use of his angelic powers and his sole purpose has been to train Goku. Convinced of Merus' noble intention, Whis pleads for her care and protection. The High Priest, with a gesture of divine consent, grants Whis the responsibility of watching over Merus's case, trusting in his discernment and prudence.

Meanwhile, in the confines of Yardrat, a planet in the cosmic ether, Irico finds himself unable to make contact with headquarters amid the murky circumstances. In that scenario, Vegeta finds himself fascinated by Pibara's peculiar healing ability, longing to learn it. However, Pibara, with her ancient wisdom, warns that the time is not yet right and suggests that Vegeta start with the most basic: mastering the instant displacement technique. But his training progress is abruptly interrupted when a lackey of Moro lands on the planet.

Vegeta and Irico face off against this individual named Yuzun, whose appearance is reminiscent of Zarbon's. In the midst of combat, Vegeta, in an unfortunate incident, accidentally destroys a deserted city. Pibara, with her gift of ubiquity, comes to his aid and reveals to Vegeta that he has reached a new level of power since he began training him.

A revelation surges through Vegeta's mind, recognizing "that species" and realizing that it shouldn't be an insurmountable problem. He shows clear dominance in the fight, but when Yuzun appears to be on the verge of defeat, he delivers a shocking message: Moro's next target is none other than Earth, Vegeta's home.

Yuzun, in a desperate attempt to escape, prepares to attack Vegeta, but ironically ends up meeting his own doom by being struck by a spinning object thrown into the air by Vegeta himself. With the imminence of the attack on Earth echoing in his mind, Vegeta urges Pibara to teach him a technique to defeat Moro, putting aside, at least for the moment, the desire to master instant movement. The other Yardrats, intrigued by the situation, watch expectantly, though Pibara doubts if time will be enough for learning.

In another star fringe, Moro and Saganbo exchange words about Yuzun's death in Yardrat. Saganbo, shocked by the turn of events, proposes to leave immediately for Earth. Nevertheless, Moro, imperturbable and confident, orders a search for more planets before embarking on the momentous invasion. Weeks and months pass while Moro feeds voraciously on planetary energy.

Meanwhile, in the chamber of mind and time, Merus feels the moment inexorably approaching. In a gesture of camaraderie, he and Goku look forward to one last showdown before heading to Earth. However, when Merus releases his full power, both warriors are teleported out of the chamber.

It is then that Whis, the celestial figure, emerges from the shadows and firmly pronounces: "Enough is enough." Merus, in an act of brotherly reverence, addresses him as "big brother". Whis, in his unfathomable wisdom, explains that training is valuable, but if full power is used, "it's no longer a training, it's a battle." Furthermore, he confronts Merus with the revelation that he, too, was planning to go to Earth with Goku to face Moro. Merus sincerely apologizes to Whis for hiding his angel status from both him and Goku. Gravely, Whis emphasizes that if angels transgress the limits of training, they violate divine laws and face destruction. Thus, at the right moment, Whis stops Merus, saving him from a fateful fate.

Merus, in a gesture of regret, apologizes to Goku for not being able to help him, but trusts that he can find a way to defeat Moro. As Merus and Whis depart for the mysterious "world of angels", Goku, with unwavering determination, realizes that the time has come to fly on his own and cries out in desperation for Whis's return.

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