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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 56

The forces of the Galactic Patrol arrive on Earth in an unstoppable tide. Jaco, the one in charge of supervising the planet, is forced to join the front line, which is none other than the legendary Z Fighters, who also wear the emblem of the Galactic Patrol on their outfits.

Among them we find Kame Sennin, Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan, TenShinHan, Chaozu and… Yamcha! The latter rejoices, it's finally his time! However, Chaozu shows concern, as it has been a long time since his last battle. Jaco greets them with a "Hello, new recruits! Give it your all!" but Yamcha curses, stating that they're the same old, while he's the real rookie.

Vegeta and Goku have not arrived yet. Jaco informs everyone that Goku is aware of the situation, but Vegeta remains unreachable. Furthermore, he reveals to them that they are both worried about Moro and that they will return at some point. Majin Buu is also repatriated to Earth, as he has once again fallen into a deep sleep after the battle on Namek. When Dende questions Esca about what kind of being Moro is, the latter makes an appearance of him.

However, it is not a single ship that arrives, but several, each one with escaped prisoners inside who disperse to the four corners of the Earth to recover their treasures and sow chaos. Kame Sennin asks Gohan and Piccolo to stay and wait for the leader of the Warriors here, while he takes care of the prisoners. Krillin offers to accompany him, since he can't fly. Thus, everyone disperses in different areas, while the members of the Galactic Patrol leave to provide support.

Krillin finds himself once again facing Yunba, who is accompanied by a trio of girls. The latter are not related to the duel between Krillin and Yunba, and go crazy elsewhere. Although Krillin explains to Kame Sennin that Yunba is surprisingly fast, the old man decides to go after the girls, leaving Krillin alone to fight.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Piccolo will have to face Shimorekka and Seven Three again. Although they initially thought that Shimorekka came alone, it turns out that Seven Three has absorbed the techniques of the transparent men and appears unexpectedly to grab them by the neck. Shimorekka tells them that his training will have been in vain, since he has now acquired his techniques, but Piccolo and Gohan have planned this coup. They merge their attacks, destabilizing Seven Three, who can only use one technique at a time, and soundly defeat him.

However, Seven Three possesses Piccolo's regeneration ability. Shimorekka suggests that they trade with Gohan's techniques, as the latter is the stronger of the two.

It's Yamcha's turn, who handles the prisoners with ease, while members of the Galactic Patrol take them back into custody. Yamcha then goes to another point where there are more prisoners. We return to Gohan and Piccolo, who are about to deliver the final blow to Seven Three by fusing the Masenko and the Makankôsappo.

Piccolo points out that if they fail to completely defeat him as quickly as possible, he will still use Moro's energy absorption technique. As they prepare to do so under Shimorekka's orders, they both receive a strong blow that knocks them away. They are C17 and C18, new arrivals. This was part of Gohan and Piccolo's plan to counter Seven Three's ki absorb technique, since they don't possess ki. Therefore, they are entrusted with the rest of the battle. Moro is glad that his men are not useless, since this means that he has not come in vain, and he wonders with whom he will begin his feast of energy.

The chapter concludes with Goku lost in space, asking the inhabitants of a planet for the location of Earth, while the "Spirit" stirs and begins to unfold.

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