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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 57

The chapter unfolds with a majestic display of battles in full swing, revealing the challenges that await Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamcha. Meanwhile, Moro watches the show from his boat along with his faithful Saganbo. Meanwhile, Bulma has installed a system of drones that are deployed everywhere, allowing each fight to be followed from the God's Palace, where everyone has gathered. Chichi longs to see Gohan, but she finds the images of Krillin and his disappointment is evident.

We enter the battle of Krillin against Yunba. The latter tries to hit his agile opponent with his Kienzan, but to no avail. However, Yunba is unaware that the Kienzan are remote controlled, and they boomerang back at him, injuring only his cheek. Yunba dodges the Kienzan and lowers his guard, thinking that the latter will reach Krillin instead of him. But to his surprise, Krillin has multiplied using the Sanzoken technique, and the real Krillin appears behind Yunba, ending the fight with a Kamehameha.

Once Yunba is handed over to the galactic authorities, Krillin hears voices in the distance: "Hey, old pervert! Where are you looking at?" It is evident that it is Kame Sennin, who is thrown right in front of Krillin. Turning towards him, Kame Sennin explains, "They're really powerful opponents! I can't touch them… I mean, my attacks can't reach them." The three warriors emerge in a rage.

Krillin points out that they do indeed appear to be strong, but Kame Sennin could surpass them if he uses the same strength that he displayed against Jiren. Kame Sennin agrees, but to unleash that force, he needs mental clarity, something complicated in his presence, surrounded by girls.

We get into the fight of Tenshinhan and Chaozu against the "robot". This turns out to be MetalMan, similar to Magetta from Universe 6, and his name is Bikkura Koitâ. Tenshinhan reminds that he has a weak point and Chaozu reminds him that insults are his Achilles heel. However, Tenshinhan is not skilled in the art of insults, his words lack forcefulness. At that moment, Chaozu takes control and quickly hits Bikkura Koitâ.

We return to Kame Sennin, who blindfolds himself to unleash his full strength. He seems to have the advantage over the three girls. Finally, we know their names: Iwaza (the one with the braids), Kikaza (the one with the dark complexion) and Miza (the chef with the crest). Miza asks the girls to execute "that technique". We then return to God's palace, where Oolong warns that they are in trouble, the three girls have merged! In the middle of the fight, the three fused girls transform into giant, chubby warriors, losing all interest in Kame Sennin. He and Krillin are quickly defeated.

At God's Palace, drone footage shows Yamcha getting beaten up. At that moment, Moro's ship decides to descend to Earth. The battle between C17, C18, Shimorekka and SevenThree is in full swing. Just as C17 is about to defeat SevenThree, Moro appears and catches him mid-air. He berates her for using his technique so easily and orders Shimorekka to heal SevenThree, as his ability will be crucial later on. Saganbo asks Moro to fight on behalf of the warriors, since he cannot allow his army to be destroyed with impunity. Moro agrees and even gives him a gift: he infuses Saganbo with energy, greatly increasing his power. Saganbo attacks C17, who is unable to stop him, and C18 comes to his aid. However, his efforts are in vain, as all the warriors fight to stop the onslaught of Saganbo, who represents a great threat to C17. Saganbo, buried by the Z fighters, takes the head of C17 and Gohan, launching the others into the air to crush the two to the ground. Jaco exclaims that this is not the Saganbo he knows.

Elsewhere, Tenshinhan comes to Yamcha's rescue mid-flight. We find out that the last prisoner is Zauyogi, the staff officer of Saganbo's galactic robber troupe. Meanwhile, Krillin and Kamesennin, already exhausted, go into hiding. Krillin has the idea to release what's left of his energy to call his best friend. At that moment, we can see Goku in the galactic patrol ship heading for Earth, although not close enough yet… Suddenly, he starts to feel a hint of energy, but he is too weak to use it for his displacement. instant. It is then that Krillin releases what is left of his Ki, allowing Goku to locate him. The giant fusion of the girls prepares to crush Krillin.

The chapter comes to a close with Goku finally arriving on Earth. The side notes on the page ask Goku to show the results of his training with Merus in the next chapter.

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