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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 60

Merus and Whis realized that Goku had shelved the initial plan as he charged into fighting Moro with all his might. Goku's burst of energy pushed Moro away, which Gohan found hopeful. After Goku landed a few hits on Moro, the villain began to fight back. Observing Goku's maximum power, Moro concluded that he would end up winning.

On Beerus' planet, Merus was worried if Goku could actually sustain the Ultra Instinct transformation while he was fighting like that. For his part, Whis wondered if, if they had followed the original plan and conserved his energy, they would have been able to put More on the ropes. Merus admitted that he had underestimated Moro's ability to power him up. Goku also realized that and decided to take a risk and use all his power, since Saiyans are able to unlock new powers when cornered, especially Son Goku.

In Yardrat, Vegeta managed to learn "that technique" and knocked out many of the Yardratians, leaving them lying on the ground. Pybara was pleased by Vegeta's achievement and healed his friends. Vegeta sensed that Earth was still safe and asked Pybara to teleport him there. However, Pybara refused to do so. Other Yardratians added that they were forbidden to use the Instant Transmission technique to visit other planets. Also, Pybara mentioned that he couldn't go to a place where he didn't know anyone and even though he should know Son Goku, he couldn't perceive the energy from him. At that moment, Vegeta realized that Goku must be using Ultra Instinct, a technique that only the gods can perceive. He then declined Irico's offer to use a ship, as the journey would take 10 days, and decided to quickly learn Instant Transmission.

Back on Earth, Goku began to suffer bullying from Moro, who said, "As expected, you've reached your limit." Goku was enraged and got stronger again, but once again ended up on the ground.

Whis commented that this time it didn't seem like a miracle was going to happen. Beerus interrupted the angels to let them know that he was hungry and that he wanted to eat something extraordinarily delicious. Whis agreed to this and stopped paying attention to the fight. As Merus began to worry about what might happen to Earth and other planets, Whis replied that it was a natural and necessary cycle for some planets to be born and others to disappear. These were the responsibilities of the Gods of Destruction and the Kais, so the angels couldn't decide anything about it. Whis made this clear to Merus, who responded with a simple "Yes".

Goku once again landed on the ground and lost his Ultra Instinct transformation. Just as Moro was about to absorb Goku's energy, Androids 17 and 18 intervene. 18 then said that if Moro wanted to absorb any energy, let him try to do it with his own. Moro was surprised that Earth had the technology to create artificial beings.

On Yardrat, Vegeta attempted to use Instant Transmission to reach Earth, but ended up in a garbage can instead. While reminding him to try to remember the spirit properly, both Vegeta and Pybara sensed that Goku had lost his Ultra Instinct form, leading Vegeta to assume that Goku had been defeated. At that time, Pybara agreed to make an exception due to the emergency situation. However, Vegeta refused to accept help from him at the time, as he believed that he could achieve it himself. Pybara changed Vegeta's clothes to the ones he was wearing before and wished him good luck in battle. Vegeta teleported away and received congratulations from Pybara for learning so quickly.

On Earth, the Androids continued to fight Moro, who realized that he could not absorb energy from him. The Androids were impressed by the resistance of Moro's body. On the other hand, Gohan and Piccolo didn't intervene as that would only make Moro stronger. Finally, Vegeta appeared in front of Goku. They quickly talked about what had happened with Ultra Instinct and about Vegeta using Instant Transmission (a technique he wouldn't do again so as not to "steal his special technique"). Vegeta told Goku that he had learned a technique of a much higher level. He then asked the Androids to let him fight in his place. Vegeta and Moro had a brief conversation, with the Saiyan saying, "Have you had fun fighting weaklings?" Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and confidently told Moro, "Someone stronger than you has arrived!" Gohan noticed that Vegeta was using the same technique as in the Tournament of Power, but neither he nor Piccolo could sense anything different. The battle between Moro and Vegeta began!

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