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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 61

Vegeta unleashes a relentless punch at Moro, knocking him back a step. However, the villain seems to recover without apparent difficulty. Gohan realizes that the blow has barely had an effect. Faced with Vegeta's attack, Android 18 comments, "What's wrong with that guy? He's got a lot of chatter, but he can barely do any damage." Moro realizes that Vegeta has actually gained great power, although his level is still not enough to face him.

Without saying a word, Vegeta attacks again with a flurry of punches. Piccolo points out that Vegeta is clearly much more powerful than before, but Moro's power is still superior. Moro catches Vegeta's fist and says, "Let it go, Vegeta", followed by a kick that sends him crashing into a rock. Moro is surprised that someone could increase his power level to that point and says, "This is going to be my best feast yet!"

As Gohan wonders what Vegeta's plan is and Jaco wonders if he just desperately keeps attacking without accepting defeat, Piccolo clarifies that Vegeta isn't the type to be unaware of his opponent's power. Moro seems to finally tire of Vegeta's attacks and attempts to catch him, but Vegeta deftly dodges Moro and continues his attack unhindered. As he does so, he begins drawing energy from Moro. Shocked at what is happening, Goku asks Vegeta what is happening. The prince of the Saiyans answers: "It is a forced separation of the spirit."

As the battle progresses, the energy drawn by Vegeta from the punches begins to accumulate in the sky, and as a result, Moro regains his original beard. Vegeta then returns the energy to his place of origin. In Yardrat, Pybara and Hatska can sense that Vegeta has managed to use the technique successfully. Meanwhile, Son Gohan and Piccolo question Goku about said technique. Goku simply admits that he couldn't learn it and that this is the first time he's seen it in action. Vegeta is not surprised by this, as he indicates that his senses are much better than Goku's and that this time victory is his.

Moro gets desperate and tries to attack Vegeta again, but he only receives a kick and sees how his beard continues to grow. Vegeta points out to Moro that if he only relies on his own energy, he has absolutely no chance against him. As the energy absorbed by Moro is redistributed throughout the universe, Pybara and Hatska wonder if he will be able to bring back the dead. Faced with this dilemma, Pybara assumes that only races with powerful energy will be able to return. Meanwhile, on New Namek, some Namekians begin to resurrect, much to the surprise of Dende, Bulma, and Esca.

At that moment, Vegeta continues drawing energy from Moro, and Piccolo begins to reflect on the prince of the Saiyans together with Son Goku. For the namekian, it is surprising to see how Vegeta undergoes training with the aim of saving the universe. Piccolo senses that Vegeta seems to want to win just to put all his past sins behind him. This change, he concludes, is due in large part to Son Goku, who has played a pivotal role in Vegeta's evolution.

With Moro still on the ground, Vegeta asks Jaco if they should take him alive or if it's better to take him out. Jaco gives Vegeta the green light to finish off Moro, since no one else can do it and, besides, Moro would receive the death penalty in any case. However, as Vegeta is about to deliver the final blow, Moro replies, "I'm not going to hell!" Immediately afterwards, Moro disappears before Vegeta's eyes thanks to his strange magical powers. However, Jaco spots him in the sky and Vegeta runs after the villain.

Moro manages to reach his spaceship and kills Shimorekka without hesitating for a second. He then rejoices at having Android 73 next to him, whom he devours. Vegeta arrives moments later at the ship and fires a ki blast at Moro, but is suddenly pushed back to earth. Goku senses that Moro's ki is much higher than before, and while everyone is speculating about what has happened, Moro reappears on Earth in a new form. Moro explains that he has not only acquired Android 73's copying technique, but also his battle power. Moro concludes by stating that he is now even more powerful: "So unfortunately for you…".

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