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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 62

Confirming the ability fusion with Android 73, Moro exudes ruthless confidence. Vegeta, consumed by despair, launches into the attack without reservation. Gohan, observing the situation, mentions that Moro should have a time limit on stored abilities, similar to Android 73. However, Moro reveals that this is false; what he has achieved is simply recovering his original power. In an instant, Moro appears behind Vegeta and grabs him by the neck, taking over his abilities. Goku, oblivious to Android 73's abilities, takes a moment for Gohan to explain.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is repeatedly hit by Moro, even receiving a Big Bang, courtesy of the Saiyan himself. Vegeta lies on the ground in his base form, as Moro sarcastically comments, "For a simple ki attack, you use such a grandiose name." At that point, Piccolo informs Goku that Moro should now be able to use Forced Splitting of Vegeta's Spirit, which prevents the use of Fusion Techniques such as the Potara Earrings or the Metamoru Dance.

At that point, Dende decides to intervene to restore energy to her friends. As guardian of the Earth, he cannot sit idly by. As he leaves his surveillance place, he utters the following words: "Esca, Popo, I entrust this place to you." Popo quickly responds, "God, be careful!" On Earth, Krillin is upset that he didn't get the chance to give Son Goku the beanstalk when they met.

The battle continues, and Piccolo and Gohan decide to attack together. The namekian extends his arms to hold Moro's limbs, while Son Gohan creates a technique similar to the Galactic Donuts. With this technique, they manage to catch a part of Moro's body, and Piccolo yells: "Goku, now!". Goku appears and launches a kamehameha at Moro, who loses one of his arms. However, because he had acquired Piccolo's regenerative ability, he quickly retrieves his arm and uses it to impale Son Goku through his chest. Little by little, Goku loses consciousness and falls to the ground. Son Gohan, full of anger, tries to attack, but his efforts are in vain.

Dende informs Piccolo through his telepathic ability that he is coming to heal them, but Piccolo realizes that Moro can hear as well. He orders Dende to stay away. Understanding the situation, Moro creates a barrier around the combat zone that neither Krillin nor Dende can get through. Moro then pushes Jaco and Piccolo back, and when Androids 17 and 18 try to attack him from behind, they are quickly defeated by the villain.

Piccolo apologizes to Jaco for involving him in the Earth fight, but Jaco replies that the responsibility for Moro's escape lies with the Galactic Patrol. Since Earth is in his sector, he assures that protecting the planet is also part of his job. Piccolo is glad that Jaco understands, since he intends to self-destruct along with the combat zone. However, suddenly, Piccolo is impaled by a special beam cannon fired by Moro. The villain comments: "Now there is only one left, Galactic Patrol."

Desperate to get inside the barrier, Dende sees a hole suddenly form. Turning around, she is met by an angel who says, "It's not over yet, Earth God." Dende, in shock, adds: "You are…". Meanwhile, Moro approaches Jaco, but despises his life energy, considering it incredibly weak. Therefore, he does not see the need to keep him alive. Jaco, with no other choice, shoots Moro with his gun. Suddenly, a second shot hits Moro, coming from Meerus, who is wearing his Galactic Patrol outfit. The chapter concludes with Moro reflecting: "You… weren't you from the Galactic Patrol?"

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