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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 63

Jaco, that old space patrolman, couldn't contain his curiosity and approached Merus, the enigmatic angel who appeared out of nowhere. "Hey, Merus, where the hell have you been all this time?" Jaco asked, his voice thick with intrigue. Merus, with a serene expression on his face, gently apologized, saying that he had been through some things. Jaco, unable to contain his astonishment, commented that Moro was now a much bigger threat than they could handle as mere space patrolmen. Merus calmly explained that he understood the situation and that he was here to complete the training. "Training?" Jaco exclaimed, surprised. "Yes, Goku's training," Merus replied with a determined look. At that moment, Jaco realized that Goku and the rest of the team had disappeared. "But what the hell? I can't find the others, where the hell have they gone!" Jaco exclaimed, a note of concern in his voice.

Meanwhile, Moro was wondering who this Merus guy was after Goku and company completely disappeared. "Where have they gone?" Moro asked, puzzled. Merus calmly replied, "I evacuated them to a safe area." More angrily ordered Merus to stop fooling around as he began to fade his barrier little by little. With the barrier disappearing, Merus told Jaco that he would buy himself some time, and immediately struck Moro with his staff. Moro blocked the attack and realized that he couldn't feel the force of Merus. "You are a divine entity, right?" Moro said in surprise. Merus smiled sheepishly and punched Moro once more.

In this sequence of movements, Moro managed to dodge the attack and launched himself at Merus, but the angel nimbly dodged and struck Moro in the face with his outstretched staff. Moro stepped back, wiping some blood from his face. Jaco, completely in awe of Merus' incredible strength, watched the battle with wide eyes. At that moment, the scene changed and we found Dende with the Z fighters. Beerus and Whis were present, trusting Dende to take care of everything. Beerus was preparing to leave, and Whis asked him where he was going. The god of destruction answered confidently, "To Bulma's, obviously!" It turns out that he had only helped everyone because he wanted to protect Earth's food.

Beerus noticed that Merus was not present, assuming the angel had simply left, which the god of destruction didn't care much for, who saw it as an opportunity to eat even more. The scene focused on the Z Fighters, with Gohan worried about Dende's condition. As Dende healed Goku, he explained, "Goku's wounds are too deep and his ki is now in the god realm so he will need time to recover. I will heal you too Gohan, please be patient." Gohan replied that he would be the last to be healed: "First Dad, then Piccolo, and then Vegeta."

Goku woke up, sporting a scar on his chest where he had been injured by Moro. Goku asked where Moro was, and Dende replied that she was fighting an angel at the moment. Goku realized that the only possibility was that this angel was Merus, which made him quite nervous. He warned Dende that this was not a good sign, since angels would disappear if they fought beyond their training. Goku asked Dende to take care of the others and thanked her for her help before leaving.

Meanwhile, Moro continued to fight Merus, but despite using Piccolo's techniques, the angel easily blocked them with his staff. Moro managed to make Merus lose the staff and hit him with a headbutt followed by a ki blast. More lunged at Merus once more, but the angel retrieved his staff and prepared to fend off the attacks. Moro began to wonder why Merus was hiding power from him and using tools instead to fight. At that moment, Goku arrived at the scene of the battle, calling out Merus' name, which caused the angel to calm down and surprised Moro. Goku told Merus to back off, "From here on, I'll be the one to fight again," he stated determinedly. Then, he unleashed the Ultra Instinct Signal and lunged at Moro…but apparently to no avail.

Whis noticed that Goku was using that transformation again, and Beerus wondered if he would be able to win. Whis was not too optimistic about it. Suddenly, Moro punched Goku, who went flying into the air, but Merus stopped him before he hit the ground. Moro taunted Goku, asking how he expected to defeat him with that form if he couldn't before. Goku was disappointed at not being able to properly master Ultra Instinct despite Merus' training. The angel replied that it was not a matter of training, but that he needed something else to activate it definitively.

While Goku and Merus were somewhat distracted, Moro launched a surprise attack by inserting his arms into the ground, trying to copy Merus' abilities. However, the angel completely destroyed Moro's arms with his staff, though the villain quickly regenerated them. Merus stated that Moro's ability to copy abilities was dangerous and that he at least wanted to put an end to it. Beerus noticed that Merus was starting to use his angel powers and asked Whis if that was good. Whis replied that he could only act under Beerus' orders, which the God of Destruction was not pleased with, as he feared the High Priest's reaction. Beerus decided to withdraw.

Moro attacked Merus and Goku again, but before he could, Merus made a short speech in which he explained that he was born an angel, someone with no inclinations towards good or evil, a neutral force. Merus dodged Moro's blow and sent him back with telekinesis. Then, he aimed his staff to destroy the jewel in Moro's left hand, using some sealing technique. As he continued his speech, Merus revealed that when he started working with the space patrolmen, something awakened inside of him: a sense of justice.

"Galactic patrolmen may be elite warriors on their respective planets, but from a universal perspective, they are powerless warriors. There are many far more powerful criminals who break galactic law. Yet they act on pure faith, intent on saving the galaxy". Merus then used his staff to destroy the jewel in Moro's other hand, but at that moment, he began to fade. "I don't want to lose the peace in this galaxy," Merus expressed. Jaco began to despair when he saw how Merus became transparent.

Merus explained to Goku that knowing him and the others helped strengthen his heart. Goku wondered what Merus was doing and asked him to stop. However, Merus released all of his power, surrounded by a heavenly halo, and pointed out that this could be his last attack. At the same time, Beerus told Merus that his body was fading. Whis commented that it was a pity, they were too late. Beerus thought that Whis knew this was going to happen all along. Beerus regretted what he would have to say to the High Priest, but Whis pointed out that they would discuss that later.

Merus attacked Moro with all of his power while Goku yelled his name, and the angel began to remember the time they spent training together. It was then that Goku told Merus that all strong guys seem bad, and the only thing he could do was get stronger to face them over and over again, hoping to make them change. Merus realized that Goku's goal was to reform people, and there were many such people in the Galactic Patrol. Returning to the present, Moro formed an incredible energy bomb and threw it at Merus, but the angel cut it like paper.

At that moment, Merus spoke his last words to Goku and Jaco, saying that he was sorry for disobeying orders and getting into trouble. Jaco apologized, but Merus assured him that he was fine. "Thank you Goku! Now I can die happy!" were Merus' final words before her body completely vanished, leaving behind only her staff.

Goku, filled with sadness and determination, decided to fight in honor of Merus and to protect peace in the galaxy. The battle against Moro continued, and Goku, now more determined than ever, unleashed all of his power and abilities to face the villain.

The story continues with the intense battle between Goku and Moro, and how the other characters unite to fight against the forces of evil and protect peace in the galaxy.

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