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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 65

Krillin finally reaches the combat zone and regains his composure upon catching a glimpse of Son Goku, still in Ultra Instinct and standing in front of Moro, with no apparent need for a magic bean. In an instant, Goku crushes the rock Moro was standing on to dust and orders him to stand up. But just as Moro stands up, he realizes that Goku has disappeared and is now with Krillin. Perplexity seizes Moro as he wonders who this individual is. Suddenly, Goku takes Krillin's last magic bean and disappears before Krillin can react.

Goku tells Moro that he will help him if he agrees to be taken to prison by the Galactic Patrol, and promises to never escape again. Surprisingly, Moro accepts the offer, vowing never to repeat the acts he has committed. Goku hands Moro a bean and assures him that if he eats it, he will instantly recover. The condition is that Moro must be cured and surrendered to Jaco, who will take him back to prison. Jaco is completely shocked by Goku's actions.

Moro consumes the bean and Krillin begins to question if Goku has lost his mind. Moro regains his strength and is surprised to discover that the bean's regeneration ability is greater than 73's. Jaco tells Goku that there was no need to heal Moro. Despite everything, Goku tells Moro to keep his promise. It is at that moment that Moro responds: "Sure. Thanks, Son Goku. But first I have something to do, and that is… kill you!" With that said, Moro pounces on Goku, who continues to radiate calm and tranquility.

At the moment of impact, Moro's hand appears to be completely broken. Whis guesses that Son Goku's Enhanced Ultra Instinct has contributed to increasing his overall strength. On the other hand, Beerus is furious that Goku doesn't quickly finish off Moro now that he can. After this, Goku kneels before Moro and undoes his transformation. Goku asks him, "Have you ever trained?" To which Moro flatly denies.

As a result, Goku replies to Moro that if he had trained instead of stealing the lives he has taken, he would be much stronger than he is now. Moro simply responds with a derogatory: "Shut up. The weak are the ones who train." This is probably the first time Son Goku has faced someone as stubborn as Moro and he feels like it's a waste of time. If More was an honorable person, he would have liked to face a properly trained version of More. In the midst of this, Jaco interrupts and tells Goku that he hasn't realized Moro's betrayal and that the villain has no intention of changing.

Saying this, Jaco asks Goku to end the fight quickly. Goku understands the situation, but wants to keep talking to Moro. Moro desperately punches the ground with his fist as Goku asks him one last question about whether he wants to go back to prison. At that moment, Moro recognizes one of his hands near a stone, near the edge of the lava behind Goku. Moro replies that he will not return to prison and that he will continue to devour planets. Goku accepts the answer and, having promised Merus to protect the galaxy, he again uses Ultra Instinct.

Moro asks intrigued: "Merus… who was he really? That galactic patrolman…" Goku replies that Merus was his teacher and who taught him that same technique. Moro replies, "I see, so that guy could use that technique too…" In that instant, he remembers that the hand he recognized grabbed Merus by the neck and therefore could have gotten the abilities from him. . Moro makes his hand return to his body as he says, "A body that moves by itself? I can't wait!" And he reinserts his missing hand into his body.

Upon retrieving his hand, Moro transforms and acquires the powers of Merus. Beerus is surprised at this, and Whis realizes that More must have copied Merus when he was still alive. Faced with this unexpected situation, Jaco tells Goku: "Damn it, I told you to finish it quickly." The battle continues and, before the impact of Goku and Moro's fists, Whis decides to move Krillin and Jaco away so that they are not affected by the shock wave. Now that the planet has been damaged again, Goku tells Moro to follow him to another location.

The battle resumes in the sky, with Goku guiding Moro through various areas of Earth. Moro suspects that this is to compare his speeds. However, Moro gets fed up with the situation and kicks Goku against a mountain somewhere on the planet. Moro tells Goku, "I also have magical powers, so now I have the upper hand." Goku remains completely calm and asks Moro to attack him again. Moro flies into a rage, wondering why Goku doesn't show even the slightest trace of fear. As the fight progresses, Moro's arm suddenly becomes gigantic, a condition that later spreads to his entire body.

Krillin and Jaco watch the situation without knowing what is happening, while Whis explains that Moro's body, not being trained to use the power of an angel, begins to expand. With Moro's body growing larger and larger, Goku regains the upper hand. Ironically, Goku comments that Moro now faces the same fate as his henchman Saganbo. Since Moro has suddenly acquired a technique that requires training to master, he can't use it easily now. Goku suggests that Moro undo Merus' powers before it's too late.

Despite the situation, Moro continues to believe that someone like him, who feeds on planets and vital energy, has no limits. However, Goku tells him, "This is your limit." The battle continues and Moro falls to the ground again. At that moment, Moro begins to say to himself: "I need a body, a body that can withstand this power." With Jaco and Krillin now calmer, Whis warns Goku, "If you want to win, you must finish him off right now. Continuing this is not a good idea." Goku nods and points his arm at Moro for the final blow: "This is the end of you, Moro."

However, the Earth suddenly begins to shake, and Moro's head emerges from it, shooting a beam of energy from his mouth. Goku dodges it, surprised by the situation. After this strange event, Moro explains: "My body has merged with this planet. Now it should have no limits." Whis informs everyone about the new situation: if Goku kills Moro, the Earth will be destroyed in the process. Whis further adds that if this amount of energy suddenly explodes, the galaxy could also disappear. The episode concludes with Moro wanting to continue the fight against Goku, but will Goku have a way to fight him?

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