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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 66

The episode opens with the members of "Team Dragon" recovering from their injuries. Dende notices that something strange is happening on Earth, and Gohan asks the others if they have noticed their bodies feel heavier. Vegeta realizes that this is due to Moro absorbing energy and warns the rest to get off the ground. Determinedly, they head towards the combat zone, and Vegeta, in his characteristic anger, comments that Kakarot has failed yet again.

All the inhabitants of the Earth begin to feel how their energy is stolen. Moro laughs evilly and declares that the Earth's energy belongs to him. Goku yells for Moro to stop, but is suddenly attacked by huge hands made from the same earth. Moro states that he has become one with the Earth and that there is no possible escape for Goku. Whis points out that the situation has become critical, as More's power continues to grow. Krillin wonders if there is a way to beat Moro, and Whis says that he is, but he doesn't know if Goku will be able to pull it off.

Faced with the difficult situation, Beerus declares that this time he has no choice but to intervene. He explains that if the Earth is destroyed, he will cause trouble for it and if the other Gods of Destruction see it that way, he will be in trouble. Therefore, he decides that he will find a solution quickly. However, before Beerus can help, Whis receives a call from the High Priest, who requires his attention, possibly to discuss Merus' disappearance. Beerus panics and decides to take care of it first. In anger, he orders Krillin and Jaco to take care of Earth's problems for him.

Suddenly, Whis appears next to Goku and reveals how to defeat Moro. Goku must destroy Moro's crystal the same way Merus did, but the Saiyan isn't sure he can pull it off. Whis assures him that he possesses the power of the gods and that he must trust himself. Beerus yells at Goku that if he can't save the Earth, he'll at least make sure to grab some food. Then Beerus and Whis disappear. Goku realizes that Moro has become more powerful and that he must act quickly, since the crystal is more and more hidden. At that moment, Vegeta appears next to Goku, yelling at him to get out of the way.

The Saiyan prince begins to pound the ground, seemingly dealing damage to Moro and again revealing the crystal on Moro's forehead. Vegeta orders Goku to quickly destroy the crystal, as he cannot continue separating spirits for much longer. Goku understands the situation and concentrates all of his power into his right fist. He lunges at Moro, dodging his arms and even going through some of them, until he is stopped right in front of the glass. However, he gets trapped and begins to lose power. Meanwhile, Vegeta realizes that he is reaching his limit, as Moro's ability to absorb energy is greater than his to divide it.

Frustration begins to invade Goku, as he cannot match Merus' achievements and he realizes that his divine power is still not enough. At that moment, Jaco begins to reflect on something and tells Krillin to leave him alone for a moment, quickly disappearing from the scene. Meanwhile, Goku is still trapped in Moro's hands and even loses his transformation, as the villain absorbs all his power. Vegeta becomes frustrated at the situation, but suddenly, Yamcha, Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, and Chaoz arrive to join them. Piccolo asks Vegeta if he can do the opposite of the forced separation of the spirit, that is, if he can take the ki from all of them and send it to Goku.

Vegeta confirms that he can do it, since he "goes by the same principle". Everyone agrees with the plan, and even Goten and Trunks send their energy. The energy begins to build up and Vegeta molds it into a sphere, to which he eventually adds his own power and launches it towards Goku. Goku is strengthened by this injection of energy, fights against Moro's arms again, but is trapped again, only reaching Super Saiyan Blue form.

Dende apologizes that his divine power is not complete yet. Bulma wonders if Dende means that "normal" ki isn't enough in this situation. At that moment, Jaco suddenly returns and asks where Buu is, since his power is needed. Bulma replies that she is sleeping. Meanwhile, Moro continues to hold Goku in his hands, and the protagonist apologizes and admits that this is all his fault. The rest of the team begins to consider various options: Yamcha suggests fleeing into space and then using the Super Dragon Balls, since the ones on Earth might not be enough. Krillin points out that this would be impossible if the entire galaxy were destroyed. Vegeta believes that there is no more time, since Moro seems to be about to explode.

Since they all seem destined to die, they decide to at least try to "get" Goku back, and that's when a huge ball of energy suddenly appears. Goku feels a buildup of divine power within him, but wonders who that energy belongs to. It is at that moment that the Dai Kaioshin is revealed helping Uub to raise his hand to share his energy. Dende realizes that the divine power of the Dai Kaioshin had been absorbed by Buu's evil half, and now Uub, as the reincarnation of him, possesses that same power. Bulma and Mr. Satan are very confused by all this. Uub asks the Dai Kaioshin if he is doing the right thing, to which he replies, "Yes, thanks and sorry for the suddenness."

As this occurs, Vegeta picks up the energy ball and sends it to Goku, urging him to transform into Ultra Instinct. Goku absorbs the energy and regains his silver hair. He then creates a gigantic body of ki to equal Moro's size and begins to push him back. Finally, Goku's actual body within the ki points directly at Moro's crystal, hitting it and breaking it. This elicits a smile from Whis, who he watches from a distance. Moro's body begins to fall apart and he explodes into pieces. The rest of the team rises from the rocks, wondering if it will be enough. At that moment, Piccolo points to the large crater where Goku stands alone, raising his thumb in victory.

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