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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 67

The chapter unfolds before our eyes with the Dragon team in full jubilation, Krillin, Yamcha and Gohan congratulating Goku on his victory over Moro. Gohan exhales in relief to see his father safe, while Piccolo and Vegeta watch silently from afar. The scene quickly shifts to God's Palace, where various people are gathering, and then moves to the Planet Yardrat.

Suddenly, Vegeta questions Goku about the origin of the awesome power he displayed at the end of the battle, but Goku doesn't have a clear answer. He simply states that there are still people on Earth with incredible power. Irritated, Vegeta insists on getting answers, but Goku only tells him that he will understand when the time is right.

Back at Uub's village, the Daikaioshin thanks Uub for helping save the universe. Uub, confused, asks who the Daikaioshin is. He explains to her that he is something like a relative of hers. Uub replies that they can't be related because they don't look alike at all. The Daikaioshin says goodbye and flies away, leaving Uub surprised and wondering if it was all just a fleeting dream.

The Daikaioshin returns to the God's Palace, where he says goodbye to Dende. Suddenly, the Daikaioshin transforms back into Buu, and Satan is glad that he is safe. However, Buu has no recollection of being the Daikaioshin. He seems to have lost all memories of him related to his previous form. Satan invites everyone to have a big feast at his house.

The scene changes to Satan's home, where everyone enjoys a meal and celebrates victory. Later, Goku teleports to New Namek to bring Eska home, and they use the Dragon Balls to resurrect everyone who died at Moro's hands. Even the people of the planet Zun come back to life. It seems that everything is back to normal, except for an angel who is still in training.

Several days later, Goku, Vegeta, and Buu find themselves on Jaco's ship. They all receive medals for their bravery in facing Moro, though Goku assures that he doesn't need them. Jaco is upset by this and explains that these medals are awarded only to the most outstanding members of the Galactic Patrolmen. Goku asks Jaco how many medals he has, and Jaco replies that this is his first.

Goku is surprised to see Merus Ikanoichiyabosshi in the crowd. Merus apologizes for his sudden disappearance during the battle, but explains that he had been called by the Higher Angels to account for his actions. However, thanks to Whis's intervention, Merus managed to return to life and his original form as an Angel.

Goku and Merus are happily reunited, and Goku thanks Merus for everything he has done. Merus tells Goku that he has proven to be an exceptional warrior and that he has learned a lot from him during his time on Earth. He also mentions that the Higher Angels have recognized his potential and offer him a unique opportunity.

Merus reveals that due to his experience in the battle against Moro and his mastery of Ultra Instinct, the Higher Angels have given Goku a special power. From now on, Goku will be able to access Ultra Instinct in a more stable and controlled way, which will allow him to reach unimaginable levels of power.

Goku is excited for this opportunity and promises to continue training and improving. Vegeta is also interested in this power and asks if he can get it too. However, Merus explains that Ultra Instinct is an extremely difficult technique to master and requires a deep understanding of the body and mind.

Although Vegeta is frustrated at not being able to access Ultra Instinct, he vows to continue training hard to find his own path to power. Goku and Vegeta say goodbye to Merus, who wishes them success in their future adventures.

With their medals and the new power of Ultra Instinct, Goku and Vegeta return to Earth with Buu. They meet with their friends and family, who congratulate them on their victory and welcome them back.

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