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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 68

The episode opens with a desolate panorama: a planet in ruins, with Frieza's army ships flying through the sky, and through the smoke the silhouettes of three giant apes can be seen. The scene changes to show someone hiding in a house before being discovered by one of the apes, who has a scar on his face.

Suddenly, Granola wakes up with a start. He looks like he was dreaming about his past. Oatmeel asks if he has had the same dream one more time. Oatmeel tries to reassure him, assuring him that they have obtained OG73-i safely and that no one is after them, since they destroyed Goichi's ship. Goichi finds himself completely broken down after losing to OG73-1 once again.

At that point, Oatmeel suggests Granola go into cryogenics, as they still have a ways to go. But Granola rejects the offer, stating that he is already awake. Oatmeel asks if he still hates Frieza's army, and Granola answers in the affirmative. Oatmeel mentions that now that Frieza is dead, the only thing left are insects that they shouldn't be afraid of at all. Granola comments that he's heard that too, but Oatmeel advises him to forget it.

Granola responds by saying that he is not wrong: the ones who destroyed his race in the past, the Cerelians, were the barbaric apes from Frieza's army. It seems that they disappeared after a large meteorite hit their planet. Now that he has lost his target for revenge, he doesn't understand why he keeps having nightmares. Oatmeel asks if those apes were known as Saiyans, and Granola nods.

The scene cuts to Beerus' planet, where Goku is shown trying to catch the oracle fish so Whis can give it a shot. It turns out that the oracle fish cannot sleep on its own and needs a specific vitamin to rest. Vegeta is shocked to learn that the fish can't sleep, and Whis explains that sometimes that can be a bad omen. Vegeta is further surprised, but Whis warns him not to trust such things too much. Goku is disappointed because he was excited by the possibility of meeting a powerful new opponent.

Beerus berates Goku for always saying things like that, which gets Beerus into trouble. Goku questions why Beerus is so angry, and Whis explains that there are several reasons. Goku continues his training and uses the Ultra Instinct transformation to start fighting. With Vegeta visibly upset, Goku soars into the air and creates multiple clones of himself, but Whis destroys them one by one until only the real Goku is left in the sky, who is hit by Whis and falls. Whis tells Goku not to try to imitate him, but to find his own style. Goku admits that he hoped the trick would work.

As the fight continues, Vegeta asks Beerus if Whis is currently using Ultra Instinct, and Beerus replies that angels are always in that state. As he easily parries Vegeta's punches, Whis tells Goku that he is only beginning to master Ultra Instinct. Whis's level, for example, is above Merus's, and the High Priest's accuracy is even higher. Goku concludes that he must be the weakest Ultra Instinct user, but Whis assures him that he can still improve with training, which excites Goku.

As they watch, Beerus asks Vegeta if he is also looking to unlock Ultra Instinct. Vegeta dismisses it, saying it's not his style. Vegeta seeks to overcome Goku's strength by following a different path. Beerus agrees, commenting that "Ultra Instinct is not the only technique of the gods." Beerus mentions that the angels are experts at it, but such an obedient technique doesn't fit with the Gods of Destruction, who are more temperamental beings. Vegeta asks what technique the gods specialize in, but Beerus tells him that he's not interested in training anyone and leaves, muttering that he could use some exercise to stay awake. Suddenly, he turns to Vegeta and tells him to "selfishly steal it", and Vegeta follows Beerus.

In space, Granola heads towards an asteroid with several buildings on top. Upon arriving, he walks towards the entrance with Android 73 in a tank behind him. He is approached by an alien named Soshiru, who looks at 73 and wonders if it is the artificial life form that Elec was looking for. Though Granola ignores him, he suggests that they should pretend to have found 73 together, since there is a lot of money at stake. As Soshiru approaches, Granola threatens him by saying that if he touches 73, he will give his head to Elec as well. Soshiru is scared at first, but insists on receiving some money. Granola enters the main building as Soshiru leaves.

Inside the building, Granola meets four figures, with the one in the center appearing to be the boss of all. He praises Granola's work. Elec asks Oil to check if he really is 73, and Oil confirms it. When Granola asks for the money from him, Elec confirms the payment and asks Maki to set everything up for him. As he prepares to leave, Granola questions what is the purpose of using 73 and if they intend to create an army like Goichi did. Elec laughs and says that the Heaters aren't an army, since that's kind of old-fashioned. Elec explains that the greatest power in the universe is related to money and information, and whoever has the most information will rule the universe. And that information should reside inside 73.

When Granola asks for more work, Elec tells her that the situation has changed with Frieza's return, and that she doesn't have any more jobs for him. Granola is shocked and wonders how he could have revived, but he too sees this as an opportunity for revenge. Seizing the moment, Granola asks Elec where Frieza is and begs him to tell her. Elec tells him that he should forget about it, but Granola insists, and Elec finally throws him out of his domain. Elec warns Granola that revenge requires a plan and that Frieza may cross his path one day.

Granola leaves feeling a little calmer, and Oatmeel suggests that he rest, since it will take them about two months to reach the Cereal Planet. However, while they are talking, Granola is attacked by Soshiru, who wants to steal his money. They both land on a nearby asteroid.

Soshiru suddenly finds himself surrounded by other individuals and looks towards Granola's ship, where a voice tells him to go inside and steal half the money. Upon reaching the pilot's seat, they only find a device from which Oatmeel's voice comes out. Meanwhile, Granola gets rid of Soshiru's subordinates by attacking them from outside the ship. Soshiru gives up, leaving the scene and even leaving some extra money for Granola. Oatmeel praises Granola's skills as a marksman, but Granola realizes that he is not up to the task of defeating Frieza and that he must become stronger. The chapter concludes with the oracle fish speaking in his sleep of him: "The balance of universe 7 is changing… soon the mightiest warrior in the entire universe will be born…".

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