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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 69

Granolah returned to the planet Cereal, greeted by a local inhabitant. He informed him that the left wing of his ship was damaged and asked him to repair it. Granolah nodded and asked about his next job, to which he replied that there might be a longer break than usual and headed towards a store. There, Granolah bought water and the clerk asked about Gramps, who had not been to town recently. Granolah replied that Gramps was fine, except for his legs, which was normal considering his race, that he could live over 500 years.

The clerk suggested Granolah and Gramps move to town, but Granolah simply turned the offer down. The clerk asked Granolah to send greetings to Gramps on his behalf. While climbing the mountain, Granolah told Oatmeel how the Heaters found the planet after Frieza's destruction and helped rebuild it. They then sold it to the Sugarians at a high price, which made Granolah feel that it was no longer his planet, which is why he went to live in the mountains. From there, he could see his old home and remembered the Saiyan attack.

Back on Beerus's planet, Beerus and Vegeta could be seen talking about how many planets the Saiyans had destroyed and how he got worse by joining Frieza's army. When asked if Vegeta blamed Frieza for the Saiyans' sins, Vegeta denied it, stating that it was King Vegeta's ambition for power that led to the Saiyans' destruction. On the other hand, Vegeta was wondering what all this had to do with Beerus's technique. Beerus replied that there was a very close connection, and then fired an energy beam at a nearby planet, causing it to explode.

This attack caused the oracle fish to jump out of its fish tank, and both the fish and Whis complained about Beerus destroying "another decorative planet" as they would soon all be gone if he continued like this. At that moment, Goku suddenly remembered Beerus' fearsome power. The God explained that what he had just done was just a small sample of his technique. At Vegeta's question as to how he could learn it, Beerus grabbed him by the face and threw him to the ground. Beerus asked Vegeta if he still carried the sins of the Saiyans and threw him against a tree.

As Vegeta stood up, Beerus said, "Let me tell you something good: I was the one who suggested Frieza destroy the Saiyans." With these words, Beerus continued to taunt an angry and confused Vegeta, who he transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and attacked. Despite Vegeta attacking with all his might, Beerus still had the advantage. Beerus suddenly launched a "hakai" towards Vegeta's lower torso, plunging him into the ground with a crater around him. Goku remembered trying to use that technique once, but failed in the attempt. Whis confirmed that it was not easy to use. Beerus told Vegeta that he only thought about destruction.

With this, Beerus assured that if Vegeta wanted to learn the technique, he had to stop thinking about anything else. "Before creation, there was destruction," Beerus concluded for now. The scene changed to the Palace of the Heaters, where they were reviewing the recordings of 73 to see the latest events. They watched as Saganbo and his group attacked Zuno before being captured by the Galactic Patrol under the command of Merus. They also saw when Saganbo and the others escaped from prison thanks to a wish from the Dragon Balls.

Elec claimed that he had never heard of this before, but he was sure that more strange things had happened, such as Frieza's resurrection, which he believed was related. Maki remembered hearing something about Namekians as well. Gas knew that they lived on the planet Cereal. Oil wondered if they were also destroyed. However, Elec remembered that there was one survivor: Monaito, who now lived with Granolah. On the planet Cereal, Monaito, an old Namekian, was sitting quietly in his house while he watched television.

Granolah arrived with the water he had bought and conveyed the grocer's greetings. During dinner, Granolah told Monaito about his layoff due to Frieza's resurrection. Asked if the Heaters had entrusted him with the mission of taking down Frieza, Granolah replied that he would do it even without money. Monaito asked her to wait, but Granolah started looking at the one-star Dragon Ball they had in the room. However, Monaito forbade him to use the Dragon Balls to satisfy his thirst for revenge.

In any case, to fulfill their objective they also needed the second Dragon Ball, which was lost 40 years ago. Monaito also revealed to him that the Dragon Balls were originally conceived to be used by a brave hero in a specific ceremony. We moved to New Namek, where Moori was teaching the young Namekians everything they needed to know about the Dragon Balls. He explained that the size and number of the balls could vary depending on their creator. On Namek, for example, each town had a ball. Moori also explained that the Dragon Balls could exist on other planets inhabited by his race.

When asked if there were other planets with Dragon Balls besides Earth, Moori wasn't entirely sure of his answer. However, he knew that the Namekians originally came to that universe from another world, as he had also heard of Namekians living somewhere other than Namek. However, when he was asked about them, he feared that they had already been destroyed. Back on the planet Cereal, Monaito explained that many Namekians used to live there, but now only he was left, and if he died, the Dragon Balls would also disappear.

Granolah thought of acting quickly to restore the planet to the state it was some 50 years ago, but Monaito suggested that he not forget the kind Sugarians. Monaito told Granolah to put revenge aside and rest. While Monaito was sleeping, Granolah was watching TV and suddenly saw that a Sugarian looking for insects on the mountain had found the two-star Dragon Ball, although they didn't really understand what it was. Quickly, Granolah disguised herself, infiltrated the town and stole the Dragon Ball from a group of scientists who were resting.

The police began searching for the thief, but by then Granolah had already fled the city. Oatmeel asked Granolah if it was okay to disobey Monaito's order, but Granolah assured him that there was nothing to worry about, as he had a plan, and asked him to tell him the words Monaito used to summon the dragon. This is how a dragon with two balls appeared, willing to grant him a single wish within its limits. Oatmeel told Granolah that he could make the wish in his normal language. Granolah said: "I want to be the strongest, make me the most powerful warrior in the universe."

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