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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 71

The chapter begins on the exuberant planet of Beerus, where Goku, driven by his innate curiosity, questions Whis about the essence that differentiates the Angels from his own existence. In the blink of an eye, Goku is met with a blow to the head from Whis' staff, who takes the opportunity to illustrate to him that the Angels remain in a constant state of Ultra Instinct, while Goku needs to transform to reach it, mistakenly equating this faculty with his own metamorphosis.

Goku, in an instant of enlightenment, understands that he must master Ultra Instinct in his base state, without additional transformations. Whis, using his ancient wisdom, tells him that doing so will free him from the loss of stamina he currently experiences and that transformation must be an extreme resource, reserved exclusively for pushing limits at critical moments. Before saying goodbye, Whis offers words of encouragement to Goku and Vegeta, since something strange has recently happened in the universe, arousing his interest.

Meanwhile, Granolah returns to her home planet, the mysterious and evocative planet Cereal, and decides to wait in her spaceship until he receives information about Frieza's whereabouts from Elec. On the other hand, as for the Namekian Monaito, she seems to have returned home as if nothing extraordinary had happened.

At the Heaters' base, Oil and Macki prepare to depart for Earth. However, before his departure, Elec asks the couple to visit the great Zuno, in order to obtain precise information on the location of Goku and Vegeta, among other questions that they must ask him. Once Oil and Macki are on their way, Elec strikes up a conversation with Gas, who expresses his longing to have fought Granolah in the past.

Elec, with his characteristic calm and poise, reassures Gas, arguing that he believes that he would have managed to defeat Granolah, although he prefers not to anticipate the worst circumstances. He assures her that Gas is the family member with the most potential to surpass Frieza, and that once the dust settles, the Heaters will become the supreme rulers of the universe. These words hint that the true powerhouse within the Heaters is not Elec, but Gas, and makes us reflect on the fact that, despite the humiliation suffered at the hands of Granolah, Gas can still surpass Frieza.

After a few weeks, Oil and Macki finally arrive on the planet of the great Zuno. Although Macki finds the idea of kissing her unpleasant, she does, and due to her feisty status, she is given the right to ask ten questions. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta continue their arduous training, having made considerable progress in a short amount of time.

Some time later, Oil and Macki land on Earth and visit Milk at Goku's house. They make up a story in which they need Goku's help to defeat a villain, offering to pay him in Sky Gold, a peculiar currency, in exchange for his assistance. It's impressive how the Heaters' plan unfolds seamlessly and seamlessly, working flawlessly.

Later, they go to the Capsule Corporation, where Bulma makes contact with the Saiyan couple. Curiosity invades them when they hear that the villain is supposedly the most powerful being in the universe and they recognize that it may be the same figure mentioned earlier by the oracle of the fish. Aware of this, they both agree to help.

Before leaving for Earth with Whis, Beerus gives Vegeta an earring that, according to him, symbolizes his ability to use the Hakai. For his part, Whis draws the characteristic symbol of him on Goku's combat outfit. After a typical episode of rivalry between the couple, both return to planet Earth, after months of dedicated training.

Inside the Capsule Corporation, Macki hijacks the Dragon Balls radar and discovers that she does not detect signals coming from the Earth Balls. The oil in her mind awakens the memory of Zuno's words: the Dragon Balls of the planet Cereal do not turn to stone. What mystery is hidden behind this revelation? Do the Dragon Balls from the planet Cereal turn into oil?

While Goku enjoys a culinary banquet and Vegeta continues with his training in the pool, Macki contacts Granolah, informing him that they have discovered Frieza's location, but the latter has warned of his intentions to kill him.

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