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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 74

In the recesses of the universe, the Prince of the Saiyans looms large, his sparkling aura cloaked in a cloak of confidence that dwarfs even his usual arrogance. Meanwhile, his rival, plunged into a whirlwind of anger and thirst for revenge, is consumed by his obsession with defeating the two pure Saiyans from planet Vegeta, those who in past times annihilated the inhabitants of the unfortunate planet Cereal, his ancestral cradle.

Goku's figure lies inert on the ground, his body vulnerable but his vital signs still persist, latent in the middle of the battlefield. And in the surroundings, the strange Martian creatures observe the fury unleashed with curiosity and fear.

Granola, in a defiant gesture, warns Vegeta that he will not rest until he defeats the last vestiges of the Saiyan race. However, his fury will not be consumed on his current opponent, but reserved to face Frieza, whom he considers the leader of that enigmatic being called Kakarot and the husband of the resplendent Bulma.

Confusion spreads across Vegeta's face as he recounts his defection from the Evil Emperor's army eons ago. He recalls how he was defeated by Goku's dazzling power on the distant planet Namek, which they shared as a common enemy. But his words fall on deaf ears, as the Survivor persists in disdaining him, taunting the Saiyan for giving up his leader and longing to preserve his own life.

Anger wells up in the heart of Trunks' father, a burning flame that unleashes a merciless attack on his opponent. However, fate plays his cards, revealing the amazing dexterity and agility of his opponent, who dodges each blow and counterattacks with precision. But the most surprising thing is that Vegeta, far from flinching, embraces this moment of onslaught as an opportunity to study his opponent. Every movement, every power unleashed, is registered in his calculating mind, his spirit waiting for the perfect moment to unleash all the accumulated power of him.

And so, the chapter reaches its climax, with the proud Prince of the Saiyans revealing his latest transformation, which he has acquired during his training alongside Beerus, the titanic God of Destruction from Universe 7. In a dizzying dance of cosmic energies , the Hakaishin manifests, a new form that fuses Saiyan essence with destructive divinity, granting Vegeta unimaginable power and a commanding presence that transcends known limits.

At this crucial point, the fate of the battle hangs in the delicate thread of the universe. Two mighty warriors are ready to unleash the full power of him. The confrontation between Granola and Vegeta is shaping up to be an epic duel, where the past, present, and future converge in a single moment of glory and transcendence.

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