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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 75

The chapter begins with a burst of energy unleashed by Vegeta, wrapped in a unique style of power. As Granola tries to resist, it becomes clear that he can't do much against the power of a God of Destruction. At that moment, Vegeta appears in front of him, grabbing him by his scarf, and doesn't hesitate to insult him and call him "unlucky", making it clear that revenge has clouded Granola's judgement.

Without hesitating, Vegeta knocks Granola down and hits him repeatedly with force. Although Granola attempts to attack Vegeta's stomach, his punches seem to have little effect. In fact, Vegeta claims that he is getting stronger with each passing second. Vegeta then throws Granola headfirst into the planet's ancient city, leaving him in an unprecedented beating.

Granola is surprised by the new level of power reached by his opponent and wonders aloud what exactly is a God of Destruction. Vegeta explains that beings like them exist, and mentions Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, as his mentor in this new power. Granola questions if Beerus was the one who gave her the power from him, but Vegeta makes it clear that the power is his and that he woke it up during the battle.

The fight continues, with Granola firing ki blasts at Vegeta, who defiantly endures them before counterattacking. Due to the power of the God of Destruction, Granola summons an Energy Shield that protects him from Vegeta's attack. Granola wonders why he doesn't dodge attacks like Goku, but Vegeta scoffs at the Full Ultra Instinct technique, deeming it pathetic compared to his own.

Vegeta doesn't miss an opportunity to point out that Goku's body may have a mind of its own, but he calls it an "egomaniac." He adds that if Goku is an egomaniac, he is an egomaniac. Vegeta then suggests to Granola that he call his new state "Mega Instinct" and attacks him with a powerful double kick that pierces Granola's shield and destroys the ancient city of the planet Cereal.

At that moment, it becomes clear that something brutal has happened. The God of Destruction Vegeta has been born. To quickly describe Vegeta's new state, it could be said that Vegeta's Mega Instinct is a unique combination between the instinct of a Saiyan and the power of a God of Destruction, making him a powerful and dangerous combination.

From a distance, the Namekian Monaito watches the battle taking place in the ancient city and wonders if Granola is fighting Frieza. Increasingly frustrated at being on the losing side of the battle, Granola vows to never lose to a Saiyan Frieza. Vegeta reveals to him the truth about the situation, that Frieza was also responsible for the destruction of his race's homeworld.

Although shocked by this revelation, Granola says that there is no reason to abandon his revenge against the Saiyans. However, this doesn't seem to matter to Vegeta, who continues to dominate his opponent. When Oatmeel tries to point out the contradictions between Vegeta's words and those of the Heeters, Granola removes her patch and throws it away, stating that he no longer needs support from him now that he is the strongest being in the universe.

Granola promises to get stronger while fighting Vegeta, and uses his telekinesis to throw a building at him, only to be destroyed by Vegeta using his Hakai power. As both warriors continue to fight, Oatmeel remotely controls Granola's spaceship to pick him up. Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and begins to heal the wound that Granola had caused him earlier, which is strange and possibly the first time Goku has been seen healing himself in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

The battle between Vegeta and Granola becomes more balanced, but Vegeta realizes that he has taken too much damage and fires off a powerful Galick Oh. Despite this, Granola remains on his feet and, at a crucial point in the battle, realizes that Vegeta is reaching his limit in the Mega Instinct state. Aiming at Vegeta, Granola surprises the Saiyan prince, who decides to end the fight by launching a Sphere of Destruction, similar to the Hakai.

According to Vegeta, this sphere will destroy anything it touches, and he tells Granola that the only way to stop the attack is to take the hit. To deal with this threat, Granola develops his other eye, which turns red just like his right eye, reminiscent of a reference to Naruto in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Both warriors unleash their most powerful attacks, and Granola's other eye grants him the power to destroy Vegeta's attack and shake the planet in the process, something Goku and Heeters member Oil can sense as well.

As the smoke clears, Vegeta is severely injured and lying on the ground, having reached his limit. He is surprised at how easily Granola was able to repel his attack. Granola sarcastically thanks Vegeta for helping him awaken his true potential and boasts that, with his two evolved eyes, he can counter anything Vegeta throws at him now.

Elsewhere, the Heeters, the true villains of this saga, prepare to land on the planet Cereal and move forward with the next part of their plan. Elec comments that the battle is turning in Granola's favor and is glad that everything is going according to plan. The Heaters head towards the first Dragon Ball.

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