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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 77

The chapter begins by immersing us in a captivating narration by Monaito, who transports us to the past, forty years ago, on the Cereal Planet. Back then, the Namekians and the Cerecians were close neighbors and helped each other. However, the peace was abruptly interrupted when the Saiyans arrived on the planet and devastated the city of the Cerecians, leaving the place in ruins and its inhabitants in danger.

In despair, one of the brave Cerecians destroyed his own moon, reverting the Ozarus to its original form and making it appear as if the threat had been removed. But unfortunately, a Saiyan surprised the Cereciano responsible for the destruction of the moon and demonstrated his power by easily ending his life, thus revealing that the Saiyans were formidable even without transforming.

At that moment, Bardock, who had recovered his original form, approaches Granola and her mother, who are inside a building. Muezli, Granola's mother, frightened, tries to protect her son by firing a warning shot at Bardock. At that moment, Leek calls Bardock from outside to inform him that they have completed their mission and must leave.

Bardock tells Leek to go without him, as he promises to find the survivors and make sure no one is left alive, without revealing the existence of Granola and Muezli, whom he decides to leave alive after thinking of his own son. , Kakarot. Although Leek complies, he warns Bardock to hurry, as Frieza is on his way.

Later, we are shown a flashback to Bardock's past, where Gine, his wife, announces that his second child has been born while he was carrying out missions for Frieza's army. Gine asks Bardock what name she will give her second son, and he quickly answers that he will be called Kakarot, which fills Gine with joy at hearing that name.

Returning to the main story, Bardock uses his tracker and discovers that Granola and Muezli are the last two survivors of the Cerecians, but also detects the presence of another survivor in the mountains. Bardock leads the two Cerecians to the location of the last survivor, who turns out to be Monaito, the only Namekian still alive. Monaito, sensing Bardock's presence, attempts to attack him, but is easily thwarted by the Saiyan.

After calming down, Monaito observes the company of the two Cerecianos and agrees to offer them shelter. Bardock warns them to stay hidden, as Frieza heads to the Cereal Planet. Although Monaito suspects Bardock's intentions and believes that he is planning a strategy to kill them, Bardock claims that he saved them out of the simple desire to do so, without having a specific reason to preserve their lives when it was his duty to kill them.

Back in the present, Granola shows disbelief at what he just heard and asks Goku if he has heard of a Saiyan named Bardock in the past, but Goku confesses that he has no idea about it. Vegeta then reveals that Bardock is the name of Goku's father and, realizing the generosity that characterized Bardock, the prince of the Saiyans concludes that Goku has inherited that quality from his father (although this, in my opinion, is lacking). sense).

Granola, intrigued, questions why his mother didn't survive, and Monaito prepares to tell the rest of the story. In the past, before leaving, Bardock reveals his name to Muezli and Monaito, and heals the wounds on the latter's arm. Suddenly, Bardock detects someone's presence with his tracker and discovers the Heeters in the distance, discussing their plan to con the Sugarians and usurp power from Frieza at some point, intending to become the rulers of the universe.

At that moment, Granola wakes up and screams when she sees Bardock, thus alerting the Heeters. Monaito acts quickly, using his powers to put Granola to sleep. However, Bardock warns that it is already too late, as the Heeters have discovered them. Monaito and Muezli hide, while Bardock takes Monaito's cloak to hide his face from him and, pretending to have found other survivors, points towards them pretending that he is willing to kill.

Elec tells Bardock to go ahead, but the latter states that the Namek possesses some strange power that is worth investigating. Elec suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots Muezli through the heart, killing him instantly. He then orders Bardock to kill the boy, but keep the Namek alive for his analysis.

Bardock attacks the Heeters with an invisible blast, but Gas blocks the attack with a force field. Using the smoke as a distraction, Bardock manages to quickly escape with the others. Monaito laments that his power could not save Muezli, and Bardock comments that the Heeters will seek them out to prevent his secret from coming to light. Elec sends Gas to track them down and kill them, but Bardock somehow manages to escape.

Back in the present, once Monaito has finished telling the story, Granola shows disbelief that a Saiyan saved him and is enraged by the revelation that Elec was the one who killed his mother, now fixing a new objective. Meanwhile, the Heeters continue with their plan and their search for the second Cerecian Dragon Ball.

Elec and Gas discuss the fight they had with Bardock forty years ago, and Gas reveals that he has waited all these years to get revenge on the Saiyans. He claims to have gotten stronger and vows never to be humiliated like him in the past. Finally, Maki pronounces the words: "Wait for me, second dragon ball", and thus concludes the exciting chapter 77 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

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