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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 78

Oil relays the news to Maki that the battle between the Saiyans and Granola has come to an end. Maki informs Elec and Gas about the situation, mentioning that a Namekian stopped the confrontation. Elec assumes it is Monite.

Gas and Maki see this as an opportunity to finish off the three enemies, now that they are weakened. Elec agrees and sends them to kill them while he fulfills his wish. Maki hands over the radar and the Dragon Balls to Elec.

Elec tells Gas that he will make his wish come true. Gas replies that it's not necessary if he doesn't want it, but Elec tells him that the best way to achieve his goals is through wishes.

Maki and Gas leave while Elec remains on the ship. Granola is furious to discover that he has been working for Heata all this time while Elec murdered his mother.

Granola catches Monite and asks why she allowed all of this. Monite replies that she was the only way to survive. Goku separates them.

Vegeta asks Monite if Bardock defeated Gas, to which Monite confirms and thanks Vegeta for saving them. Goku is glad to hear this, while Vegeta wonders how Bardock, being a low level warrior, was able to defeat Gas. Monite claims that Bardock was incredibly strong.

Suddenly, the sky darkens, and Goku points out that it is similar to when the dragon is summoned. The inhabitants of the planet Cereal wonder what is happening.

Returning to Goku's group, the sky returns to normal, leaving everyone confused. Suddenly, Goku and Vegeta are afraid to perceive an extremely powerful Ki approaching.

At high speed, Oil and Maki appear flying towards them from a rock. Goku is furious at everything they have done. Maki tells them that they have come to eliminate them.

Maki thanks Granola for all the work he has done for them over the years, which angers Granola.

Maki tells Granola that it's unfortunate that he vowed to be "the strongest warrior in the universe" without permission. The Heata group will not allow that wish to come true.

Goku asks surprised, "A wish?"

Maki replies: "The true strongest warrior in the universe is here…Gas!!".

Vegeta exclaims, "What? Are you still the strongest warrior in the universe?"

Gas is revealed to be climbing the rock where Maki and Oil are. He has grown up and no longer looks like a child, now he has an adult body with strong muscles.

Everyone is surprised to see him. Monite assumes that they have finally used the Dragon Balls. Goku and Vegeta are shocked to discover that the planet Cereal also possesses the Dragon Balls.

Granola comments that if they have made that wish, he is no longer the strongest warrior in the universe. Goku assumes that Gas now holds that title.

Gas fires a Ki beam from his finger, directing it towards Goku's group, who narrowly dodges. However, Gas's attack cuts Granola's ship in two.

Gas then creates a four-pronged spear and throws it at Granola, who fails to dodge it. The spearheads plunge into Granola's shoulders and thighs, immobilizing him.

Gas descends from the ship and approaches Granola, stating that she never liked him. With his new strength, they no longer need Granola at all.

Just as Gas is about to end Granola's life, Goku tries to stop him. However, Gas creates cubes on Goku's wrists and ankles, leaving him pinned to the ground.

Gas comments to Goku that he has the same expression as a Saiyan he met in the past. He then asks if that Saiyan is still alive.

Vegeta intervenes and informs Gas that all the Saiyans were wiped out by Frieza, and only a few managed to survive. Maki adds that they are in charge of getting rid of the garbage left by Frieza.

Goku questions why they want to kill them, since they haven't done anything to the Heata members. Gas replies that he will eliminate them along with Granola, making sure that no one can interfere with his plans.

At that moment, someone attacks Gas from behind. It is Granola, who manages to get rid of the spear thanks to Monite. Granola tells Gas that he is still the strongest warrior in the universe.

Gas counters by hitting Granola in the face with a spiked mallet, followed by a series of blows. However, Granola remains on her feet and continues to fight.

Maki taunts Granola, hinting that since they fulfilled his wish after Granola's, logically Gas is now the strongest warrior in the universe.

Monite approaches Goku and uses his powers to remove the cubes created by Gas, freeing him from his immobility. She then asks Goku to help Granola, to which Goku agrees, promising to try and save him.

Despite his injuries, Granola continues to fight Gas, but finds himself outmatched. Granola asks Gas how they knew he and Monite were still alive.

Gas reveals that they discovered his existence years after the attack on Planet Cereal, when Granola was already a bounty hunter. Elec suggested that it would be a shame to kill someone like him and that they could use Granola to his advantage.

A brief flashback is shown in which Granola, as a young woman, practices her shooting in the woods while Elec and Gas talk to Monite. Elec asks Monite if Granola is the bounty hunter they've been talking about, to which Monite tells him not to do anything to her son. Elec questions why Monite hasn't told Granola about what happened to his mother. Monite explains that if he had, Granola would have challenged Elec and lost his life.

Elec tells Monite that it was a wise decision not to tell him, since they don't want to end up dead. Elec then calls Granola and offers her the chance to work for him, promising her great riches and the chance to leave the planet.

The flashback comes to an end and Monite confesses to Goku that he was wrong back then. He should have faced Elec, even if it meant his own death. He laments being a useless Namekian, unable to help Goku regain his strength.

At that moment, Goku remembers something important and asks Vegeta if he still has the hermit's seed. Vegeta replies that he doesn't know, as he threw it along with his armor in a moment of rage.

Suddenly, Granola falls near them, defeated and wounded. Goku thanks Monite for treating his injuries and then asks Vegeta to go find his armor while he fights Gas. If the hermit seed is there, Goku asks Vegeta to eat it.

Vegeta hesitates for a moment, but finally accepts Goku's request and sets out to find his armor. Goku warns him that once he recovers, he must transform into the "creepy face" form to defeat Gas. This irritates Vegeta, who believes that Goku is making fun of his secret technique.

Goku heads towards Gas, prepared to engage him in combat. Gas creates a kind of weapon connected to his fist and uses it to attack Goku. However, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and destroys the weapon with ease. He then launches a vicious attack towards Gas.

Gas, surprised by Goku's strength, creates a shield to block the attacks. Although Goku launches a Ki blast, Gas manages to dodge it and counterattacks by hitting Goku over the head with a giant hammer.

Meanwhile, Maki taunts the Saiyans, stating that they still don't understand that Gas is now the strongest warrior in the universe. At that moment, Oil realizes that Vegeta has disappeared.

Vegeta finds his armor, where the Senzu remains intact. However, instead of eating it, Vegeta returns to Granola and orders her to get up and eat the hermit's seed.

Granola, surprised, asks what the hermit's seed is. Vegeta explains that by consuming it, he will regain all of his strength. However, Granola tells Vegeta to eat it himself, since he is a powerful warrior.

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