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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 8

All the participants of the tournament are ready to take the written test that will determine their eligibility to compete. Vados asks them to take a seat. Goku mentions that the fighter resembling Frieza is identical. Piccolo adds that despite that, he doesn't feel he has the same brutality.

Then, Goku notices the fighter who looks like a robot and wonders if he's really a person. The fighter who is a Saiyan thinks Goku was referring to him and mentions that he is also a Saiyan. He asks Goku and Vegeta if they are also Saiyans. Goku and Vegeta are surprised to see that there are Saiyans in Universe 6, and Vegeta mentions that the clothes he wears are the same as the Saiyans' before they joined Frieza's army.

The fighter, whose name is Cabba, mentions that in his universe, Saiyans inhabit the planet Sadala. Vegeta is surprised to discover that Sadala still exists in Universe 6. Vegeta explains that in Universe 7, there was also the planet Sadala, but it was destroyed after a conflict, so they had to move to the planet Vegeta, which was also later destroyed.

Goku asks Cabba about his tail, and he explains that they used to have tails, but nobody has them anymore. Vegeta asks if in his universe, Saiyans are also a warring race, and the fighter says yes, but the difference is that they don't do bad things like planet plundering; instead, they are hired to do things like defeating criminals. Goku is impressed and says they sound like pretty good people.

Vados grabs everyone's attention and tells them to sit down quickly because the written test is about to begin. Vegeta says he would love to visit the planet Sadala, and since their plundering days are over, there would be nothing to worry about. The fighter tells him it would be a pleasure to have him visit.

The test begins, and all the participants are seated with their exams in hand. Vados explains that the exam consists of ten simple questions aimed at testing their basic intelligence. The time limit to complete the test is ten minutes, and they need to score a minimum of fifty points to pass.

All the participants are focused on taking the exam, except Goku and Buu. Goku reads the questions out loud and counts on his fingers, so Vados tells him to keep quiet. When the ten minutes pass, Vados announces that Buu is the only disqualified participant. This leaves all the members of Universe 7's team shocked.

Piccolo checks Buu's exam and reprimands him for not being able to spell his own name. Buu apologizes, saying he has never done anything like this before. Vegeta expresses his concern that they are now only four competitors, and Goku blames Vegeta for being the one who suggested they take a written test in the first place. Vegeta laments the situation.

Beerus becomes exasperated and yells at everyone. He tells them to decide in which order they will compete, with the only condition that Monaka will fight last because he is the strongest fighter. Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta play rock-paper-scissors to decide the order. It is decided that Goku will go first, followed by Piccolo and then Vegeta.

Beerus says that everything is settled, and Goku laments that he wanted to see everyone's fighting style earlier. Piccolo tells him not to underestimate them, and Goku responds that they shouldn't get mad at him if he defeats them all alone.

Some time later, the ceremony that marks the beginning of the tournament begins, featuring singers performing the anthem of each universe. At its conclusion, the announcer declares that the tournament is about to start with a match between Botamo and Goku. Botamo starts attacking Goku at high speed, making Goku exert a lot of effort to dodge his attacks. In the end, Goku fails and receives a powerful blow.

Beerus asks Goku what's going on, and Goku mentions that he ate too much before the fight but will do his best to digest the food quickly. He starts running at high speed around the entire arena. Botamo tries to chase Goku, but his speed is so great that he can't catch him. Finally, when Goku feels he's ready, he effortlessly starts attacking Botamo.

Vados says she didn't expect Goku to be so fast, and Champa admits he miscalculated the situation. However, he is not worried because he believes this is when Botamo's specialty will manifest.

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