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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 86

The showdown reaches new heights of intensity! Gas, unleashing powerful ki from him, renders Goku speechless at his imposing presence. Elec cunningly decides to stay on top of the mountain to avoid getting caught up in the coming battle. Meanwhile, Gas demonstrates his control over telekinesis by levitating Goku and holding him in a deadly neck grip, causing the Saiyan to scream in pain as he rises into the air.

With determination in his gaze, Gas threatens to twist Goku's neck and end everything once and for all. However, Goku uses his teleportation ability to free himself from the suffocating grip. Surprising everyone, Goku reappears behind Gas, ready to counterattack. But his plans are thwarted when Gas intercepts him with a powerful punch to the face.

Despite the pain, Goku gets up, but to his surprise, Gas is no longer where he expected. In the blink of an eye, Gas reappears behind Goku, proclaiming that he feels a delight like no other, as every cell in him burns with a sensation he has never experienced before. Without giving him time to react, Gas grabs Goku by the head and throws him backwards, straight into a set of towering mountains. Goku crashes into them one after another, getting stunned and before he can recover, he is caught in a whirlwind created by the powerful force of Gas.

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