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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 89

The chapter begins with Trunks searching for answers within the mysterious disk he found in the Mount Butterfly incident. After numerous failed attempts, he decides to use Bulma's computer to access the content.

However, the attempt is interrupted when the computer is infected with a virus. Meanwhile, Bra, Trunks' sister, manages to repair the computer and save it from the virus attack, demonstrating her talent. Bulma informs Trunks that Mai has also joined Blue Hal High School and suggests they go together.

Trunks is excited and they go to school together, but Trunks is jealous when the classmates approach Mai. Bulma brought Mai to the school to prevent rumors and Mai reveals that Beta, another transfer student, appears to be an android. Trunks becomes suspicious of Beta and fears that his identity as Saiyaman X1 will be revealed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hedo, creator of Beta, seeks revenge on Trunks and steals the disk. The fight between Saiyaman X1 and Beta begins in front of their classmates, but Trunks is beaten by Beta. However, Saiyaman X1 gets help from Saiyaman X2 and together they defeat Beta. Mai is impressed by the hero and shows interest in him. The chapter ends with Dr. Hedo planning to create a new, more powerful android.

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