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Synopsis Dragon Ball Super Manga 93

The battle between Goku and Broly rages fiercely as the narrator introduces the audience to who Broly is: one of the surviving Saiyans with amazing potential. A brief summary of his background is offered in the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly, revealing that he was banished from Planet Vegeta and sent to Vampa with his father Paragus for 41 years, until Frieza recruited him to fight Goku and Vegeta on Earth. . However, he was defeated by Gogeta and later teleported back to Vampa thanks to Cheelai's wish.

As Broly powers up, Goku yells at him to stop, as he senses that Broly is on the verge of losing control again. He scolds him, saying, "How many times have I told you to control that anger?" Goku then asks Vegeta to intervene as well, but the latter remains silent, sitting. Goku thinks that Vegeta will rust if he stays still for too long.

Surprisingly, Vegeta orders Goku to shut up and not interfere. Goku is surprised by Vegeta's change of attitude, since he finds him training while he meditates. Vegeta reveals that in recent years he has been bested by Jiren, Broly, Moro, Gas, and this time by Frieza. He then questions Goku about the difference between him and them. Goku replies that he surely needs to keep training his body to reach new heights.

The battle between Goku and Broly continues to intensify as they both fight for control of the situation. The showdown turns into an impressive display of power and skill, with Goku and Vegeta unleashing their full potential to take on a formidable foe. Tension and emotion intertwine in an epic showdown that will leave an indelible mark on Dragon Ball Super history.

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