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The revelations from hero and villain encounters are always surprising, and the latest one is no exception. It turns out that Amai Mask didn't die in the attack by the fearsome Fuhrer Ugly, although his appearance is a little different thanks to the events that followed. Upon encountering Pig God, the Class-S hero finds him unrecognizable due to his weight loss and lack of his obese form. Amai Mask asks what he's doing there, only to receive the same question in return. Pig God responds that a kaijin tore his pants, which causes Amai Mask to mistake his fallen jacket for a camping tent and use it to cover his lower half.

After offering to take Pig God to a safe place, the hungry hero discovers the true source of the other's appetite: devouring the corpse of Gum. Amai Mask is surprised but unfazed, and walks away leaving Pig God to his feast.

Meanwhile, Garou is engaged in an epic battle against the Centipede Sen'nin. Trying to retrieve its regeneration core, the monster has extended its antennae from the ground to outer space. Garou jumps towards the regeneration core and destroys it, before dealing the final blow to the centipede. In the process, he remembers his humble beginnings in Bang's dojo, unable to break more than one tile in his early days. Now, with his punch perfectly honed, Garou splits the centipede monster in two with a vertical cut. "His fist" has been perfected.

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